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New forum discussion 04 Sep 2012
I am having an issue where our Journal Log DB fails when trying to backup.  After looking through NBU logs and Activity Monitor, it seems like the culprit is GRT.  I currently have one Exchange policy that does a backup of the entire DAG.  My question to the community ...
New forum discussion 07 Dec 2011
I have an Advanced Disk Pool that we backup all our images to. Some of my SLPs have the backup going to the Advanced Disk Pool with a Retention Type listed as Capacity Managed and Retention Period of 2 weeks. Does this mean that NetBackup will keep the backup image AT LEAST 2 ...
New forum discussion 06 Dec 2011
I am running OpsCenter When you first log in, there are a 9 pre-defined summaries/alerts that opscenter provides you with. One of them, Alert Summary by Severity, does not populate any information.  Can anyone guide me as to how to get this summary to ...
New forum discussion 23 Nov 2011
I need to be able to pull up a detailed report of restore jobs that I triggered withing a certain time period. I am able to pull up a "List of all restore jobs of the a given client" but within that report, I need to know what specific file was restored. Is there ...
New forum discussion 12 Oct 2011
Here is my current environment: 2 Master Servers (VCS Clustered) running W2K3 Standard SP2 w/ NBU 7.1.01 3 Media Servers running W2K8 R2 w/ NBU 7.1.01 My Goals are 2 fold: Recover a catalog backup to a virtual environment to test the recovery of our ...
New forum discussion 10 Aug 2011
We recently decommissioned one of our media servers.  I'll call it MS01.   We then added a new media server, I'll call it MS02. My question is, how can I remove MS01 from all the client properties and add MS02 without having to select each one under Netbackup ...
New forum discussion 11 Jul 2011
In OpsCenter, it gives you a Media Summary by Status.  I have Full, Active, Frozen and Other. What exactly does Other mean?  I can't seem to find a common denominator between the media that is listed in that category?
New forum discussion 17 May 2011
I have an Advanced Disk Pool with 6 volume assigned to it.  We just created a new volume (Drive K:) with an additional 4TB.  How do I go about assigning this new volume to this exisiting Disk Pool. We are running NBU 7.0.1. Thanks!
New forum discussion 24 Mar 2011
Anytime there is a partial or failed backup job we receive emails from Netbackup notifying us of such.  We get the emails, jet in the Detailed status of the job, we get an the error: Error bpbrm(pid=XXXX) cannot send mail to
New forum discussion 24 Jan 2011
Does Netbackup 7 offer an option to Preview how many tapes will be used for a certain policy? What I am basically looking to find out is how many tapes will be used for all of our weekly backups or monthly backups? thanks