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New forum discussion 02 Jun 2015
Our Customers said: "Symantec Don't recognize his own products" After run the Symantec Help utility, there is a warning about the last version (12.1.6168.6000) of SEP, the warning is: Is te latest version of Endpoint Protection Client installed?
New forum discussion 14 May 2010
Hi, I recently installed BESR 2010 on a Windows Server 2003 R2 /SP2 x64 Bits. But when I open BESR to configure Computer Protection (Backup) the C: drive is not showing under the list of drives requiring backup. I checked "hidden drives", "status ...
New forum discussion 06 May 2010
Hi Everyone, On the installation path of symantec endpoint protection there is a utility, this utility is: symdelta.exe, what can i do with this utility? Thanks in advance. C:\Program Files\Symantec\Symantec Endpoint Protection>symdelta SymDelta.exe -m ...
New forum discussion 22 Apr 2010
Hi Everyone, In the SEPM RU5 the customer have computers with Auto-Protect Off an Antivirus Engine Off on the Status Summary, when the customer connect to the computer all commponents of the SEP client are OK. The AV policy is configure on File System ...
New forum discussion 21 Jan 2010
Hi Everyone,  I want to know, if this procedure: 
New idea 21 Oct 2009
Add to the Report "Protection Content Version" the Computer and Ip Information to identify the computers that has the different content versions, to mitigate any problem with updates
New forum discussion 20 Oct 2009
Hi everyone, How can I know the status of the proactive threat protection updates if I have 2000 clients installed?, as some have stopped updating and I had to run the manual update process directly from LiveUpdate on some machines. Thanks in advance...
New forum discussion 20 Oct 2009
Hi Everyone, I need add four (4) replication partners to the main SEPM console, but the main SEPM console use proxy configuration (isa server) to download definitions from liveupdate. In a previous implementation (11.0.3001) we eliminate the proxy configuration, for the ...
New forum discussion 06 Oct 2009
Hi everyone... How to configure external logging for SSIM in Symantec Endpoint Protection? Thanks in advance...
New forum discussion 06 Oct 2009
Hi Everyone... In the SEPM i have created a policy with a full scan scheduled at: 3:30 a.m., the problem is that some machines ran the full scan out of the time programed, i did disable the following options: Edit scheduled\Missed scheduled scan\Retry the scan within:
New forum discussion 06 Oct 2009
Hi Everyone!!! After install the SEP client MR5 i have receive from all machine this event: Event Type: Error Event Source: crypt32 Event Category: None Event ID: 8 Date:  06/10/2009 Time:  10:23:55 a.m.