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New forum discussion 11 May 2014
Hello, BackupExec 2012 has a wonderful "on hold" feature that prevents jobs from running. What it lacks is a "take job off hold" function that will start a job when you want it to run. I have a job that's on hold but the "Run Now" option is grayed out. How do I get this job to ...
New forum discussion 30 Sep 2013
Hello all, We have an unused BE Agent license that hasn't been used yet (we ordered too many).  We planned on using it for a server where we were going to use SDR to backup the server, wipe the HD and restore. Once this is successful we planned on removing the BE agent ...
New forum discussion 30 Sep 2013
Hello, I'm running BE 2012. Is there a way to get it to back up only the most recent file in a directory? Our SQL server creates a full backup every day in a directory and the past 3 days worth of backups can be found here. The file name gets appended with the date, so the backups ...
New forum discussion 29 Sep 2013
Hello, We do full backups on Fridays then run Duplication over a slow MPLS line. Until we can upgrade this line, we need to tell BE to "pause" the Duplicate backups during business hours should a backup need to continue Monday morning.  Our M-Th backups are ...
New forum discussion 10 Sep 2013
Hello, Every morning I check SEP for out of date clients. When I start SEP Manager, the home page will refresh and invariably tell me I have out of date clients. When I click on the "Out-of-date" line on the graph in the widget "Endpoint Status", the report will be ...
New forum discussion 03 Sep 2013
Hello, I'm running BE 2012 with an agent on a SQL Server 2005 machine running Windows Server 2003 R2. The SQL server runs fine usually but when I run the BE agent on an incremental backup, the server slows to a crawl and users complain about the speed. Normally users put in a ...