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New forum discussion 06 May 2014
We have a new product with a built in help request system.  The system sends an email based on the form the user fills out and information provided by the server.  We plan on capturing the email in an Incident and I am trying to figure out how to take the information and set the ...
New forum discussion 19 Nov 2013
I would like to calculate how long Incidents on average stay assigned to a queue so we can track team efficiency.  I can easily write a SQL query to pull the Incident number, Modified time and Version number, I just need to add a column that looks for the same Incident number and ...
New forum discussion 15 Oct 2013
What controls what items in the Command list (on the left) are displayed to a given worker group?  I am looking to expose the Review Article option to one of our teams.  They can publish directly to the Knowledge Base or Review.  We have asked them to publish to Review for ...
New forum discussion 10 Oct 2013
I have used the arrows to move Service Categories up and down in the list but it doesn't make a difference where they are, they keep displaying in the order created.  This seems like an old bug.  Is there a work around?
New forum discussion 01 Oct 2013
When you setup a Task in Helpdesk 6.0 to create a new incident there is an option I can't seem to find any information on.  When you first create a Task it is labeled 'When this task runs:' but when you go back and edit a Task it is labeled 'User ...
New forum discussion 25 Jun 2013
I am looking for a way to color code the email address when displayed in the worker page.  I have looked at the following KB but it appears little if any of the code ...
New forum discussion 19 Apr 2013
We have run into an issue where users logging into the WinUser interface are getting the 'You are not authorized to use Helpdesk at this time' error message.  This primarily seems to effect new users logging in for the first time and creating their account but I have had at least ...