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New forum discussion 27 May 2015
Hi, I have a tape library with 4 drives . I have configured the diskstagging &  configured the schedule to write tha backups from disk to tape . ThoughI have 4 drives when the duplication happens it takes either 1 or 2 drives & rest backups will stand in queue ...
New forum discussion 26 May 2015
Hi, I have a RHEL server with 7.6.1 NB version is installed . This is my master & media server . I have a client with centos 6.6 32 bit with NB 6.0 version installed When i try to connect the client from master server I get the error as cannot connect to client ...
New forum discussion 07 May 2015
Hi, I have mounted a directory from AIX server to linux server & iniiated the backup from linux but i get error 69 invalid file set . The AIX server directory has got only the tar files
New forum discussion 29 Apr 2015
Hi, I would like to exclude few directories from backup . NB version is . Master server is RHEL & Client is Solaris11 I have added /usr/openv/exclude_list_policyname & added the directory but when I run the backup it takes into backup. 
New forum discussion 20 Apr 2015
Hi, I have master & media servers with RHEL6.5 OS & the client is windows 2012 os . The NB servers are in LAN & the client is in DMZ network . In windows PC firewall is  turned off.  Firewall team is opened these ports in firewall to perform backup BPCD- ...
New forum discussion 16 Mar 2015
I haved enabled the disk stagging & the backups are writern on disk . Stagging schedule  is enabled for this &   frequency is 4 hrs . but the job is not running as per the schedule due to this today the disk was full . I have  mannuany run the backup"Manual ...
New forum discussion 13 Mar 2015
Hi, I have a netbackup enviroment running with .  Need  to take a a complete backup of VM which is hosted in OVM. Is it possible ?? need a steps how to go ahead as I am new to this
New forum discussion 06 Apr 2014
Hi, I need to delete the Backup history from BAR. Please help to do this