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New forum discussion 05 Jan 2015
Good afternoon, I am wondering if anyone has every seen a behavior where a client fails to execute at a specified remediation time when set to run to close to a Maintenence Window? Ex. Maintainence Window set to go on client from 9:00 PM - 5 AM. We have another MSD that ...
New forum discussion 06 Nov 2014
Good morning, We are seeing some sporatic replication issues in a couple of our environments, This causes us to have to wait to it to either time out or a replication complete to run on the weekend.I know there are methods to stop these via running direct Queries into the DB with an ...
New forum discussion 17 Oct 2014
Good afternoon, I am wondering if anyone has run into this behavior before. For a certain part of our environment we are using Maintenence Windows to trigger executions of Managed Software Delivery. Today we discovered that an MSD got out with a flawed Compliance Rule. We saw that it ...
New forum discussion 21 Jul 2014
Good afternoon, I am curious if anyone knows what is actually happening with regard to the cmd line when pulling the 7.1 agent from a url? We use an alias for each SMP (SMP01, SMP02, ect) so that we can easily redirect if necessary in the event of a DR event. This was done ...
New forum discussion 30 Jun 2014
Good afternoon, We are running 7.1 R7 I have a need to send a report to a colleague but it will regulary have about 8000 rows in it. So I would like to send it as an attachment in an email if possible. I have been searching tyhe forums but am just seeing alot of piosts asking ...
New forum discussion 22 May 2014
Good morning, Wondering if anyone has seen this. We are moving some MSD's from one Altiris 7.1 Environment to another. This is being done via the console (right click inport) Both environments have version parity and the this functionality was working fine a few days ago. Basically ...
New forum discussion 24 Feb 2014
Good afternoon, I've got an interesting one that I am hoping someone might have encountered. we recently updated from a fresh Altiris 7.1 implementation all the way to R7. This included an updated Symantec Management agent taking us from build 8400 ro 8450. we have been seeing an issue ...
New forum discussion 06 Nov 2013
Good morning, Ok here's a doozie... We've got a couple of Notification Servers serving an environment that is getting upgraded to Windows 7 32-bit because of timing, we might not be able to move these endpoints to our Altiris 7.1 environment until after the Windows 7 ...
New forum discussion 28 Oct 2013
Good morning, I am wondering if anyone out there has observed this behavior. A couple weeks back I made a change to the EnableNSEvent param to enable client config events to be written to the CMDB. I made the changes and waited for the next Patch cycle to reboot my servers and allow ...
New forum discussion 08 Oct 2013
Good afternoon, We have a new 7.1 environment stood up and are just starting to move pilot users at the moment. We have discovered an issue when domain users try to access the Software Portal. We have noticed that they are being prompted for Credentials for every object the Portal ...