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New forum discussion 08 Jul 2008
Hello at all!   I just performed an Update of my Server via Live Update. SP1 and some hotfixes were installed. As described in the update document von SP1, the Agents have to be updated.   And here are my questions regarding that:   Live Update (LU) ...
New forum discussion 23 May 2008
Hello,I want to use the AOFO and read the chapter(s) about this option but I have some small questions:I want to use Microsoft VSS.When I mark e.g. whole c:\ drive, all the files, which are not accesible are written to the cache resp. snapshot?! Or is the ...
New forum discussion 06 May 2008
Hello,we just moved to a new Hardware and to 12 from 10d.We now use GRT with Exchange without CPS. The jobs run first to Disk.Preparations for using GRT should be fine.Now my problem:Full Backup runs withour problems (weekly). But ...
New forum discussion 14 Apr 2008
Hello,We need to Migrate from 10d to 12.As we have many problems on our 10d Server I do not really want to Migrate the SQL DB.We made a migrate (test) from 10d to 11d with this how to doc:
New forum discussion 21 Feb 2008
Hello,I am currently stting up a new 11d server while out old 10 server is backing up furthermore all server. on some machines the new 11d agent is for testing purposes installed. Can I backup those server from our 10d Backup Server? Or do I have to reinstall again the 10d ...
New forum discussion 20 Feb 2008
Hello @ all,I am currently migrating our 10d server to a new server (11d). I am doing that with the how to
New forum discussion 18 Dec 2007
Hi @ all,I just instelled the SQL Agent Software on the BE Server, then installed the Agent remotely on a MS SQL 2005 Server.So, the problem is, that I can't connect to the SQL Parts of the server when marking it in the List. The message is (translated from german to ...