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New blog entry 19 Dec 2014
Recently I have been asked by several customers how to determine the total number of TB's used in their capacity license.  SharePoint and File System Archiving are sold on a per-TB basis within the EV Archiving Per TB solution.   This blog will provide details on how to ...
New blog entry 30 Sep 2013
Enterprise now supports Instant Message (IM) archiving using, Actiance’s Vantage product.  Enterprise Vault on premise has supported Actiance for some time but was just officially certified following testing over the summer.   Actiance is a ...
New video 08 Jul 2013
This is a quick demo showing how Actiance content can be reviewed in Discovery Accelerator. Actiance provides the capture and control of IM, Unified Communications, Social and Collaboration content.   Symantec now resells Actiance's solutions and have worked closely with ...
New video 08 Jul 2013
This demo shows the value of bringing Actiance content into Clearwell.  First it shows connecting to Enterprise Vault and ingesting content filtering on archives, date, custodian and keywords.  Next is walks through the review process showing how a conversation can span multiple ...
New article 02 Jul 2013
Symantec provides many solutions that can aid a SharePoint administrator in creating a successful governance plan.   This whitepaper outlines how Symantec solutions such as EV for SharePoint, NetBackup, Data Insight and Data Loss Prevention can assist at taking control of your ...
New blog entry 26 Jun 2013
Symantec recently announced integration with Actiance to provide accurate capture of social media, Instant Messaging, Unified Communications and Collaboration content.   Actiance is a leader in communication, collaboration, and social media governance for the enterprise. They ...
New video 20 May 2013
This demo will show how to configure Actiance Vantage to send content to Enterprise Vault via SMTP and directly via an API integration. Actiance can be used to capture IM, Unified Communications, Collaboration (ex. Jive) and Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) and then send the ...
New blog entry 22 Mar 2013
It’s no secret that email and file data continue to grow exponentially.   At the same time new regulations such as Dodd-Frank and FINRA 10-06 & 11-39 require even more content to be captured and controlled including social media, IM, and even voice communications – ...
New video 05 Feb 2013
This silent demonstration shows how Symantec's integration with Actiance provides a solution to capture IM, Unified Communications, Social Media and Collaboration solutions into Enterprise Vault and makes the content avaialble for discovery in Clearwell. Actiance has created an API ...
New blog entry 25 Jan 2013
Enterprise Vault 10.0.3 was released on January 18, 2013 and in addition to many new enhancements for Exchange, it also adds support for SharePoint 2013.  The Enterprise Vault team has ...
New blog entry 14 Dec 2012
Join hashtag #IGChat and learn about SharePoint governance and creating effective governance plans Over the years, SharePoint has become a favorite among organizations as a place to share and manage content. As SharePoint adoption increases – storage, performance and on-going ...
New blog entry 26 Sep 2012
Today Symantec will announce the release of Enterprise Vault 10.0.2 which includes major changes to our SharePoint agent.   EV has supported SharePoint since 2002 and has always provided storage optimization by replacing documents with 6 byte shortcuts that are completely seamless ...
New video 19 Sep 2012
This demo will focus on Enterprise Vault for SharePoint and the seamless user experience in accessing and working with archived content. Access and edit archived content directly from the SharePoint document library.   Search for archived content from within SharePoint ...
New video 19 Sep 2012
Watch  an overview of best practices for creating  archive policies in Enterprise Vault  for SharePoint.  This demo focuses on new social media content  (such as discussions and blogs, WIKIs and Custom Lists) and document libraries