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New forum discussion 22 Aug 2012
I created a job for a server, and experienced the bug that causes servers to disappear and reappear. I updated backup exec 2012, and no longer had that problem. But one of the servers then no longer had any jobs associated with it, but its old jobs were still running (and error) with invalid ...
New forum discussion 22 Feb 2012
Hi, I was wondering what the pest practive is for backing up SQL server in a VM via the SAN backup method, or is it not recommended to do that. If not, is it possible to backup just the VM, so SQL and then backup via another profile the DB as normal? Currently I have it set to backup ...
discussion comment 24 Jan 2012
New forum discussion 23 Jan 2012
Hi, I have setup my backup server to connect to the 4 luns that are used by our ESXi servers, backups work ok, some failed, and other problems, but thats for another question. Windows has had automount disable automount scrub set, and it is run on every ...
discussion comment 02 Jan 2012
New forum discussion 02 Jan 2012
I am unable to edit any policies within Backup exec 2010 R3. If I go to Job Setup, right click on a policy, click properties, the window appears. If I then go to edit a template, it just hangs there. It does the same if i create a new policy and create a new template, it just ...
New forum discussion 29 Nov 2011
Hi, I was wondering if anyone can help, I have been trying to exclude specific files and directories globally, I would like the following: \\*\*/var/*.pid \\*\*/Boot/*.* and ...
New forum discussion 01 Sep 2008
Hi,   I was wondering is it possible to enable local encryption of files in the Desktop Laptop option. The reason for this is, some laptops use a 3rd party encryption software that creates a virtual drive. I would like to backup up this data, but it cant be stored unencrypted on ...