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New article 18 May 2010
This book describes Symantec’s Veritas Cluster File System (CFS), an implementation of the cluster architectural model for sharing data among multiple computers. Based on Symantec’s long-proven Storage Foundation File System (commonly known as VxFS), CFS is exceptionally scalable, ...
New video 12 Feb 2010
The attached video shows how to accomplish a fast Oracle failover using the CFS HA product to initiate and recover Oracle instances and reduce overall Oracle licensing costs as well as the number of servers required in the data center. Please note:  This video is ...
New article 08 Jan 2010
In our first SFHA Reconnect events we discuss how one can achieve very high SLAs such as Oracle recovery in the time frame of 1-2 minutes and in many cases less than a minute without the cost and complexity of RAC. The attached paper shows how this is accomplished using the ...
New article 08 Jan 2010
This IDC whitepaper examines the various architectural approaches to ensuring application uptime and availability, particularly a clustered file system approach with clustered services.  The paper also looks at the role of Symantec's Veritas Storage Foundation Cluster File System ...
New video 06 Jul 2009
Storage Foundation Cluster File System (CFS) delivers modular capacity scalability and performance with improved reliability. David Noy, Sr. Product Manager for CFS, uses a whiteboard “chalk talk” to describe the optimal implementation architecture for CFS and how to get the most ...
New article 01 Jun 2009
Written by: Karthik Ramamurthy, Technical Product Manager and David Noy, Sr. Product Manager Cluster File System Introduction The fundamental properties of CFS including access to shared file systems by applications running on all nodes of the cluster make it a particularly ...
New video 26 May 2009
Clustered file systems can dramatically shorten application failover and improve availability. In this video, David Noy, Senior Product Manager for Veritas Cluster File System (CFS) explains what a clustered file system can do, how Cluster File System fits into the modern data center and the ...
New video 26 May 2009
Infrastructure complexity introduces unpredictability regarding recovery time and data integrity for critical applications. Symantec Cluster File System (CFS) provides a consistent enterprise-wide platform to assure application availability and recoverability. In this video, David Noy, Senior ...
New article 25 May 2009
1. Overview TIBCO Enterprise Message Service (EMS) is a leader in enterprise messaging platforms. EMS allows for efficient system-to-system communications across different technologies. The communication may occur synchronously or asynchronously. Although the use ...
New article 25 May 2009
Introduction This white paper focuses on the performance and scalability of Veritas Cluster File System 5.0 in two workloads – a sequential write workload and an NFS file serving workload – in a configuration running from 1 to 16 nodes. The white paper ...
New blog entry 07 Jan 2008
Please find the scalabiltiy white paper which was refered to in the previous post here:  
New blog entry 12 Dec 2007
              The question: Is CFS scalable? What performance hit is there from running VxFS in a clustered configuration?   Often ...
New blog entry 12 Dec 2007
        Hello all! Welcome to the Cluster File System blog.     This blog will serve as a sounding board for engineering and product management to discuss their views ...