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New idea 10 Oct 2012
Currently one has to type in the IP address when searching for a particular client. This may sound trivial but there are all sorts of situation where one has to search for multiple machines which are unrelated and not easy to identifiy by a predefined group. I have to move very quickly and if ...
New idea 10 Nov 2011
Our live update started failing 7 days ago, but I just noticed today "by accident". After resolving the issue to get the updates, I discovered there was NO logs in my servers application log, nor was there any alert which would have otherwise notified me of this type of failure. ...
New forum discussion 17 Oct 2011
This wizard destributes to each of the indicated groups BEFORE I hit the finish button! This is a majore issue, in my experience nothing should occur until the actual finish button is clicked. I had a reason where I was told to wait on something at the last second before I hit finish, ...
New forum discussion 17 Oct 2011
It would be great if I could copy and paste groups into other groups, and/or move subgroups from one "master group" to another. At this point I have to create a new group at the destination and the go and highlight and move everything from the source group. This isn't ...
New forum discussion 17 Oct 2011
I look up as many as 30 clients daily with the SEP 12 search for clients. It would be a great benefit not to have to manually type each IP address. At this point the field the accepts an IP address has a very stict formating and does not allow pasting an IP into that feild. Most ...
New forum discussion 17 Oct 2011
In SEP 12, there are user notification settings that are all over the place, and some are even hidden. So it's difficult when setting up SEP12 for the first time to find all these and be able to "tune them down" so that the IT department don't get a million phone calls for ...
New forum discussion 17 Oct 2011
I would like to see a single click option to lock out all settings from users being able to change them. At this point I had to go through and click about 80? little lock icons to achieve this. This way, you've reversed the process, now I lock everything, but can go back and say: ...
New forum discussion 17 Oct 2011
I would like Symantec to change the formating requiments for an IP address in the search window. Most everyone who uses that are "IT professionals" and know how to type in an IP address correctly. Plus SEP can check the input once it's transmitted. I look up a couple dozen ...