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New forum discussion 20 Jun 2011
We use CAC as our primary login to computers and authentication to the domain. I would like to know if it is possible to use CAC with the mainpage of the service desk login. This is the only option we have as it is required to use CAC on the domain. I am just not sure how to get the main ...
New forum discussion 16 Jun 2011
I know out of the box Service works and you can create and incident. I need to add auto esclations and email and some other items. Where is the default workflow for this incident request and can I change it?   Thanks
New forum discussion 20 May 2011
I have been playing around with Altiris for 6 months. Mostly I worked with the DS portion. Now that we have 7.1 I have been tasked with creating a trouble ticketing system that will escalate. I am lost and have not clue on what to do. I have seen people mention workflow and Service ...
New forum discussion 17 Apr 2011
I have been scouring the internet for 3 weeks to no avail. I am utilizing DS 6.9 SP5 I have 6 different laptop models that are in AHCI mode (Dell D610, 620, 630, IBM T510, R500 T51, Dell ATG, Panasonic CF-19, Getac B300). I know that you can change the BIOS to be compatible, but that is not a ...
New forum discussion 03 Mar 2011
First i would like to sayy sorry for placing this in the wrong area I was not sure where to post this question. If mods need to move it to the correct area, thank you. I would like to know if there is a document or a central index html page that has the TECH and HOWTO KB articles ...
New forum discussion 04 Aug 2010
when I follow the steps below using the latest and updated version of GSS 2.5.1 I am still unable to get an fully unattended install of a DVD with a .gho file on there.