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New forum discussion 15 Oct 2010
Hello all, during the backup of a windows client Job Overview shows the backup selection in MS format as you would expect but, Detailed Status shows the file paths in a UNIX format Can anyone explain what is happening here TIA
New forum discussion 23 Sep 2010
Hello,   Currently about 41 media servers to a shared group of drives, but this is likely to increase.   Is there limit to the number of ...
New forum discussion 12 May 2010
Hi, Environment Master - NBU 6.5.5 on Solaris 9 SPARC Media - NBU 6.5.5 on Solaris 10 SPARC Sharepoint 2007 Frontend & Backend - NBU 6.5.5 on 2008 We have taken FARM and GRANULAR backups, but when iniating a restore of individual doc (From frontend server), ...
New idea 16 Mar 2010
PLEASE SEE ATTACHED  SLP.DOC  WHICH HAS SCREENSHOTS When using SLP, the retention level is clearly set as 2 months We can go into the policy and select the SLP ...
New forum discussion 18 Feb 2010
Hello All, I have setup a OpCenter 7 on RHEL 5.4, i initally had a problem of the master going into partially connected state, once i enabled telnet the master now stays connected. However, certain monitors will not update unless ie. jobs i can see jobs in the activity monitor ...
New forum discussion 08 Feb 2010
Hello All, I installed OpsCenter onto a Solaris 10 X86 VM, and the install looked to have completed wihtout any errors, but the services did not start. i tried starting them manaually but i can seem to get 2 of them started, the DB service and vxatd. DB service always fails with ...
New forum discussion 19 Nov 2009
Hi, Running NBU 6.5.2A on Solaris Master and noticed nbjm was utilising over 40% of CPU constantly. ran vxlogview for nbjm for the past 24 hours and noticed the following entries repeated from 06:47 onwards 11/18/09 13:26:16.543 [Debug] NB 51216 nbjm 117 PID:12294 TID:8 File ...
New forum discussion 12 Nov 2009
trying to backup AIX 5.3 client with ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES selected and it fails with 11:59:02.198 [2572522] <16> bpbkar sighandler: ERR - bpbkar killed by SIGPIPE 11:59:02.198 [2572522] <2> bpbkar sighandler: INF - ignoring additional SIGPIPE signals 11:59:02.201 ...
New forum discussion 20 Oct 2009
There are around 20/30 jobs in the activity monitor with a unknown job state, there are no details in the job overview or detailed status, and the onlt thing i can do is cancel the jobs. after a stop/start of NBU, these jobs have gone into a Waiting retry state, but still nothing in ...
New forum discussion 20 Oct 2009
NBU 6.5.2 clients are creating VSP cache files when 'perform Snapshot' is not selected in a MS Window NT policy, is this normal behaviour or a bug? None of these clients are listed in 'Client Attributes' in the Master server properties. Uninstalling the client and doing a custom ...
New forum discussion 01 Oct 2009
Hi, Can someone advise what the 2 NOM database files actually contain vxpmdb.db and vxam.db ? Have recently created a NOM server and changed the default location of the these files in database.conf, started NOM and the Master is connected, i can see my drives, but there is ...
New forum discussion 07 Aug 2009
Hi, Backep failed with an 83 after tape could not be opend to write data 20:04:26.785 [13469] <16> io_open: cannot open file /usr/openv/netbackup/db/media/tpreq/drive_HPUltrium3-SCSI0, Permission denied 20:04:26.786 [13469] <2> send_MDS_msg: DEVICE_STATUS 1 ...