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New forum discussion 18 Aug 2008
I've just installed NOM, when I point it at the master server it detects the OS and patch level but shows the master server as OFFLINE, how can I change this?
New forum discussion 08 Feb 2008
Is there any way to do a conditional archive backup, ie: backup all files, remove all files of type x after backing them up?Thanks,Dean
New forum discussion 31 Jan 2008
My Netbackup 6.0 Master server is 5 years old, I'm looking to replace it and wondering about best practice. Is there a documented migration procedure for this, googling didn't seem to find much. So far I'm thinking of something like:1. Install new server as an additional Master ...
New forum discussion 11 Oct 2007
I've got a policy that backs up fine as long as 'multiple backups' are not selected, as soon as I select multiple backups and tell it to duplicate the backup to a tape in another pool it fails with 'error 800 Maximum job count has been reached for the server'little help?
New forum discussion 04 Oct 2007
I have one media server/robot whose jobs just keep adding to the same tape until the tape fills, I want the full backups to grab a fresh tape when they run, I have another media server/robot which does this correctly. I have compared all the settings I can find between the two but can't seem ...
New forum discussion 04 Sep 2007
I've just added a new library, the master and media servers see the library and drives fine and can send commands to move tapes around and such however when I try a backup operation I get:"Failed to communicate with resource requester (811)"I've ...
New forum discussion 21 Aug 2007
This may sound like an odd question but where the heck do I get NOM from? I can't find it for download anywhere with 6.0 or 6.5???thanks,d
New forum discussion 02 May 2007
I'm booting an IBM x335 server from the 6.5 CD but it does not see the hard drive, if I try to load drivers for either the LSI 1020/1030 SCSI adapter or the IBM ServeRAID raid controller it says it already has drivers for these, if I use the ones from floppy anyways it still does not see the ...