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New forum discussion 27 Sep 2011
I am looking to create a task and publish it in the WinUser console (this piece is easy). I see how to set priority, urgency, and category but I don't see how to prepopulate the ticket comment with some data. I need to include a few questions related to the subject of the ticket that the ...
New article 22 Sep 2011
This article is about a talk I gave on 9/15/2011 to the Kansas City Endpoint User Group. The slides I used are attached to this article but they aren't much help without the talk notes. My talk was originally regarding some things I've been working on lately to do automated ...
New forum discussion 23 Aug 2011
We recently setup a new PXE server located on a VLAN 13 (192.168.13.xx). We disabled the PXE services being offered by the old server on this same VLAN/Subnet. We changed the IP helper so that our client VLAN 120's broadcasts are forwarded to the 13 VLAN, I have verified with Wireshark ...
New forum discussion 14 Jul 2011
When tracking a new piece of software (QuarkXpress 7.3 in this case), how do you know what version each of the executables in my screenshot represents? Associating the wrong .exe would skew the tracking.
New forum discussion 27 May 2011
I recently got SD 7.1 installed. I imported a small group of users from AD after it was installed. When clicking on 'Submit Incident' as a regular user or the admin account, it opens up the form. I fill in title and the body with some gibberish and then hit next. I am immedietely ...
discussion comment 27 May 2011
New forum discussion 25 May 2011
I'm trying to install SD 7.1 on Windows Server 2008 R2 (non-SP1). I've followed the steps to install the native client, SMO collections, and other dependencies. I've also setup the app pools correctly and when running the installer as a domain admin (but not as the App Identity) I ...
New download 16 May 2011
Attached to this post is a VBScript that will run a function to get the last reboot date and total system uptime in HH:MM:SS format for a list of computers located at C:\computers.txt. It will output to a plaintext file in a list located at C:\results.txt and echo to let you know it's ...