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Authorized Symantec Consultant (ASC)
  • Storage Management Specialization (January 2011)
Symantec Technical Specialist (STS)
  • Symantec NetBackup 7.5 for Windows
Symantec Sales Expert (SSE)
  • Altiris Asset Management Suite 7.0 from Symantec
  • Altiris Client Management Suite and Server Management Suite
  • Altiris IT Management Suite 7.1 from Symantec
  • Veritas Storage Foundation 6.0 - Storage Management
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New forum discussion 05 May 2015
I have a new NetBackup Appliance 5230 wich was updated to and is configured as a master server and I am triyng to login by my Windows 7 laptop with the Java Console, but getting this error : "Unable to login,status:503 Invalid Username". I don't know where is the problem, I ...
New forum discussion 26 Nov 2013
Hello everybody I'm installing DLO Server with a remote SQL Server 2008 R2 database. THe agent for the database was successfully installed in the remote server, but when I'm trying to install DLO Admin and Maintenance Server in the console server, I'm getting the ...
New forum discussion 18 Nov 2013
Hello everybody, I'm studying about VMware & SharePoint into VRay Technology, I'm reading in the manual that we cannot backup when: Virtual Machine Disk (vmdk) volumes that are marked as independent. Make sure that the SharePoint databases are not stored on ...
discussion comment 07 Oct 2013
New forum discussion 03 Oct 2013
Hello All, I'm trying to configure a Linux FT Media Server, I reviewed the HCL and SCL docs, but I cannot find which are the CPU, disk, memory requirements for FT media Server, does anybody have this information? And by the otherside, I know it requires an Enterprise Client ...
New forum discussion 07 Jan 2013
Hello everybody!! Do you know what is exactly the difference between MSDO and PDDO? I read that in the future PureDisk won't be supported by Symantec and some articles about how to migrate PDDO to MSDO... I have this doubt because I was working with a PureDisk environment but some ...
discussion comment 12 Dec 2012
New forum discussion 09 Dec 2012
Hi All, I'm checking my licenses and I can see that I have a lot of NetBackup Enterprise Client, so I don't know if this means that I can backup this clients over SAN, because currently, I'm backing up only over LAN. If I can do it, then I would like to know what are the ...