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New idea 03 Apr 2014
It would be glad to have to possibility of using AD Groups in order to authenticate SEPM Administrator. In that way we could avoid to create "n" accounts, set "n" times the same authorization and so on.
New forum discussion 06 Mar 2014
What can cause the dashboard reporting that latest definitions on Symantec are not available? The SEPM can reach * and the liveupdate seems to work
New forum discussion 06 Mar 2014
One of my customer has upgraded SEPM from 12.1 RU2 in english to 12.1 RU4a in italian. Can this cause some problems? I've always upgraded SEPM in the same language of the original version...
New forum discussion 11 Feb 2014
I've 2 SEPM: one version 11.x, another (new) version 12.1.4 I've upgraded some clients (remote deployment) and the clients are correctly updated but they do not use/receive the new sylink.xml Result? New client (12.1.4) points to old SEPM. If I remote deploy the ...
New forum discussion 13 Jan 2014
I sometimes receive this error: The Symantec Protection Engine has encountered a scan error Date/time of event = *** - *** Event Severity Level = Error Scanner = Decomposer Result ID = 27 File name = *** - *** What is this?   Thanks!
New forum discussion 15 Nov 2013
I've a "SYMC PROTECTION SUITE ENTERPRISE EDITION 4.0 PER USER I/O BASIC 12 MONTHS" license and I'd like to know if it includes URL Filtering. How can I know that from that kind of license or from the .slf file? I'd like to avoid to enter that file into an ...
New forum discussion 24 Sep 2013
How could I use the evaluation version of Messaging Gateway in order to try it without touching my infrastructure? I mean, is there a way in order to use MG with some "external" free mail server or so on? I'd like to evaluate functionality without touching ...