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New forum discussion 10 Jun 2015
Ever since Exchange Envelope Journaling was released, we've always recommended to enable DL Expansion in the Journal policy, due to the additional functionality and benefits this provides, per this technote:
New forum discussion 09 Jun 2015
Can't seem to find any reference to this - does EV11 SMTP archiving (when used for Exchange journaling) support custom filtering (for example, rule set files for setting retention based on membership in a DL). Or, is there equivalent functionality using some other new method? Thanks!
New forum discussion 08 Jan 2015
Customer requires some redundancy for Lotus Notes user access. So we have 2 EV servers deployed: Evault01  (with Domino Server Arc01) primary server Evault02 (with Domino Server Arc02) standby server For a DR test, we performed a USL failover from Evault 01 to ...
New idea 24 Sep 2014
OK, EV11 has the NEAR operator in its new search feature - great! Why wasn't this added to Discovery Accelerator? We still can only get proximity in DA after enabling and processing analytics, and the 'nearness' is still hardcoded. If it's available to end-users in the basic search web ...
New idea 24 Sep 2014
Add checkboxes to allow selection of which archive types are displayed in the Search page. Many sites do File Archiving for eDiscovery only, and don't want File Archives to appear in the search page. Let's have the capability to limit that via the search policy. This could be 'hacked' in ...
New forum discussion 24 Sep 2014
For new EV11 search feature, customer needs to prevent File archives from appearing for search. They want to do FSA for ediscovery only at this time, not for end-user access. There was a way in previous versions, but that undocumented method doesn't work in EV11 Search. Would be nice if ...
New forum discussion 28 Aug 2014
Here's the scenario: Customer has Exchange 2007 and now a new 2010, which is in seperate AD forest, with appropriate trusts in place. EV has been journaling from 2007 for many years. The Journal mailboxes for 2007 are on 2007 Exchange servers. The Journal mailboxes for ...
New forum discussion 08 Jul 2014
Customer is migrating from Domino to Exchange. They've had EV Domino mailbox archiving for a long time, and we will use the out-of-the-box EV utility "EVDominoExchangeMigration" tool and the docmented process that goes along with it. We are testing this in the lab, and ...
discussion comment 19 Mar 2013
New forum discussion 17 Mar 2013
Is there a way to control the number of simultaneous index upgrades? For example, the customer wants to just load all their 32-bit indexes into an upgrade task, and let it run continuosly, but only processing 1 (or 2) at a time, in order to keep the load on the server minimal. The default of ...