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Job Title: Sr. Director, Global Product Marketing for Backup, Archiving and E-Discovery
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New blog entry 07 Dec 2012
Long time readers of the
New blog entry 21 Nov 2012
Archiving by definition requires a long term commitment from the vendor and the customer. This recent news around Autonomy and products from Mimosa, Zantaz, HP RISS,HP IAP, Iron Mountain, Stratify, Connected, Aungate and other Autonomy archive and E-discovery products is clearly a disruption. ...
New blog entry 27 Sep 2012
There are a few new things worth checking out if you are in the Backup Exec Community: eWeek- Front page story about Backup Exec 2012 and VMware and Hyper-V. You have heard a lot about the new UI. This article and reviews ...
New blog entry 30 Jul 2012
Team Connect,  On March 6, 2012, we released Backup Exec 2012. This release featured major changes to the user experience that we tested in a three-month beta with 2,300 SYMC partners and end-users. Most of our customers liked the new release because it addressed changes they had ...
New forum discussion 19 Jul 2012
I got this question from a reader of my blog and though it would be worth sharing the answer.  "I was looking at ...
New forum discussion 19 Jul 2012
I asked one of our leading virtualization experts, Gerorge Winter to get me a list of some of the integrations we have built with VMware. Here is his first pass of a list he just sent me in email.  This is the underpinning of the technology that has taken home more Best of VMworld awards ...
New blog entry 07 May 2012
Nearly two years ago, an analyst at Gartner said that the industry was facing what he called “The Broken State of Backup.” Backup has been around ...
New blog entry 30 Mar 2012
I continue to be astounded by the sweeping effects of globalization on the world economy. In my current position, I have the opportunity to observe this phenomenon first hand as I visit Symantec customers across the globe. ...
New blog entry 26 Jan 2012
Backups have become a big and burdensome operation for many backup admins. SLAs are getting tighter while information grows and new platforms like virtualization create higher density environments. With these forces in play the current approach to backup modernization is not effective. Today ...