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New forum discussion 03 Apr 2012
Hi Guys, 1) Can anyone throw some light on Optimized Deduplication as it is creating confusion with Optimized Duplication. 2) Please correct me if I'm wrong in understanding the working of Optimized ...
New forum discussion 19 Mar 2012
Dear Team, As VVR and VCS is a part of Storage foundation there are several applications/solutions for which you need to configure VCS and VVR.  So I'm a bit confused the agents that are available for Storage Foundation are for VSC only or there are agents for VVR ...
New forum discussion 11 Mar 2012
Hi Guys, Can you please provide some inputs on Optimized Duplication in NetBackUp. 
New forum discussion 24 Jan 2012
Dear All, I'm a bit confused on what all components are covered in Storage Foundation. Does it cover VCS, VVR etc. Basically the point here is how exactly is the Storage Foundation Family classified. Would really appreciate if you could elaborate this in detail.
New forum discussion 30 Aug 2011
Hi Guys, Can anyone please elaborate on the concept of Freeze/Unfreeze and Suspend/Unsuspend of Media in Netbackup
New forum discussion 06 Jul 2011
Dear Team, Can anyone elaborate on the concept of Primary Copy, Copy 1 and etc while you duplicate a particular image.
New forum discussion 04 Jul 2011
Dear Team, Environment Overview : Two ESX Servers are in HA  1) Now ESX_A has the following vm's - VM_A - VM_B - VM_C 2) Now ESX_B has the following vm's - VM_D - VM_E - VM_F 3) In ...
New forum discussion 19 Jun 2011
Can anyone give me a document or guidelines on how to decide client side deduplication or media server deduplciation as I need to gives this to one of our clients.
New forum discussion 16 Jun 2011
How can I decide on the following parameters 1) Type of Backup (Tape, disk, puredisk), retention for Production, Development and UAT servers. 3) Type of backup to be taken for the servers like SQL, Oracle, Web, Application, SAP, Sharepoint, File, VMware, Hyper-V, Exchange
New forum discussion 15 Jun 2011
Dear Team, - I'll be configuring NetBackUp Media Server Deduplication so as to backup my clients - My main Office has one NBU Server which will be used to backup my clients. The NBU Server architecture and my requirements is shown in the document I've attached. - ...
New forum discussion 08 Jun 2011
Hi All, I'm using BackUp Exec 2010 and Exchange 2010. The backup jobs were running fine uptil now (2000 MB/min) but suddenly the throughput of the backup jobs are very very slow (15 MB / min)
New forum discussion 02 Jun 2011
Dear Team, - Suppose I've 2 Tapes (Assume Tape A and Tape B both LTO 4 = 800 GB Capacity) in a Media Set and the job is scheduled to run from Mon to Fri - Now 1st Day i.e. Monday it picks up Tape A from the Media Set and writes 200 GB of data - So now ...