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New forum discussion 26 Jun 2014
I have seen this article but I'm trying to understand if I can do this differently then this article. We currently use ...
New forum discussion 20 Sep 2012
Looking for information on how to secure data from the administrators of Enterprise Vault.  Is there a way to prevent evault administrators from searching specific mail?  Is their a way to encrypt data with a key?  Is there a way to put certain mail in an archive and prevent ...
New forum discussion 25 Apr 2011
When you run enterprise vault (8.0) and you have a virus that comes in on an email which is not caught prior to archiving how is this typically handled?  In other words, can I cleanse the email?  Do people remove the email?  Is there no worry about the virus? I ask so ...
New forum discussion 25 Jun 2010
I have a client that is Windows 2008. Had a backup policy that is WindowsNT type. All works. Created a new policy for an agent we purchased. Its the Enterprise Vault backup policy. As soon as the job starts it reports Client/Server hadnshaking failed (26). Everything I find talks about ...
New forum discussion 16 Mar 2010
Running Netbackup 6.5.  All of our backups are very slow regardless of client os, size, etc.  So right now I am trying to troubleshoot one server to correct the problem and use that as the basis to fix the other backups.  The server has the tape library presented by ...
New forum discussion 23 Feb 2010
I setup a script to run the bpstart_notify.bat file prior to a backup.  However the account fails to execute my command because it lacks permissions.  It looks like this batch file is executed by the local system account?  How can i specify an account for this to be executed as ...
New forum discussion 23 Feb 2010
I am looking for the best method to get a list of emails (and their content) exported to PST, PDF and/or Excel.  Say an individual searchs for messages containing "test" and it returns 20 emails.  What is the best way for them to export the emails to PST, PDF and ...
New forum discussion 23 Feb 2010
Hi, Our plan is to use journaling for our system.  The reason is we simply need a repository of email for legal and other departments to be able to search and pull emails across the organization.  We are not concerned with the archiving, space, end user mailbox sizes, ...