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New forum discussion 21 Nov 2012
Hi I would like to schedule one particular machine to get av definitions at say 3am in the morning, on daily occurrance. We are using SEPM to perform liveupdate and deploy updates to the clients. SEPM performs liveupdate every 4 hours. If i want to schedule liveupdate ...
New forum discussion 07 Nov 2012
Hi We have 2 SEPM server and 1 SQL server in our SEP environment. (11.x). 1 of the SEPM server is in domain A. The other SEPM server is in domain B. The firewalls are opened, so the communication is ok between the servers and clients. The SQL server is also in domain ...
New forum discussion 24 Jul 2012
Hi I have noticed that the SEP shield on one of our machines has a yellow dot. Opened up the gui, and it says "Antivirus and Antispyware protection definitions are out of date". Now the definition date was roughly 2 months old. My question is, which SEP ...
New forum discussion 10 Jul 2012
Hi I have an old server that is running the old SAV client, SAV System Center Console and SAV Quarantine Console. (Have migrated all the SAV client machines to SEP now). I want to now uninstall the SAV client on this server, and upgrade it with SEP client, but want to still keep ...
New forum discussion 08 Jul 2012
Hi Is it just me, or are the new SEP definition update running late? My last update was on Friday 6th July 2012 r36. DM
New forum discussion 26 Apr 2012
Hi I have a question regarding how SEPM policy refresh works. Looking at some documents, it seems at heartbeat interval, it does a "security policy" update. So what are the security policies? To test, i made a reghack to enable manual liveupdate from a client. ...
New forum discussion 22 Feb 2012
Hi I was wondering where in the logs i can get the information about where a client is getting the AV definition updates from? I can see the logs where it says which definition version and the time, but does not state which server the definitions came from. Is this ...
New forum discussion 19 Oct 2011
Hi I have a question about the location awareness setting - "the location will be checked every x seconds". The default is 4 seconds. Can someone confirm that, with this setting, the machine will constantly do a location check every 4 seconds, while the machine is ...
New forum discussion 08 Aug 2010
Hi I have two locations in our SEP environment. Office - When the laptop is in office Outside - When laptop is out of office (has hardened firewall policies) To keep it simple, i am testing with management server connection criteria only.