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New forum discussion 03 Oct 2013
Hi, I'm using CMS 7.5. It always displays in french nomatter what language I set in IE. I used en as preffered language and en-us as second, but CMS still displays in french. Is there anyway to set the default language to english and not the system locale?  Thanks in ...
New forum discussion 16 Sep 2013
Hi, In our organization we have 300+ printers. I'd like to add them to servicedesk's assets. Is there any way to import those printers from our printservers? They are not stored in AD so that's not an option. Thanks
New forum discussion 09 Sep 2013
Hi, Is there any way to customize the incident report page (servicedesk 7.5)? I'd like to add some fields and remove some. Also, I've added a new folder under the service catalog for technical incidents (electrical and mecanical problems). I would like this folder to also ...
New forum discussion 06 Sep 2013
Hi, On my NS I seem to be having an issue with the management agent. Both windows package server agent install and uninstall are showing. Also, all packets are disabled (screenshot included).  Thanks
New forum discussion 06 Sep 2013
Hi, I'm trying to reinstall the Altiris Management Agent on my NS. I removed the old version with aexagentutil /clean because it wasn't functioning properly. Now I can't push the agent because the management platform show that the agent is already installed. Because of ...
New forum discussion 02 Sep 2013
Hi, When I click submit incident (advanced) on the tickets page I get an error that web.config couldn't load. Since it points to c:\program files\... and servicedesk and workflow are installed on the e-drive I guess we can expect this kind of behaviour :) The question is, ...
New forum discussion 14 Aug 2013
Hi, We recently installed Altiris CMS 7.1. When we did, we made a new wesite under IIS called Altiris. We also installed Symantec Service Desk onto this server. However, when installing Service Desk, you can't select the IIS website under which it has to be installed. It defaults ...
New forum discussion 07 Aug 2013
Hi, I'm currently deploying PXE boot. I'm using infoblox as DHCP/DNS server. My client which should boot from PXE is on a different subnet than the DHCP and PXE server. My PXE server is also on a different vlan/subnet than my DHCP server and PXEclient. DHCP request are relayed ...
New forum discussion 29 Jul 2013
Hi, I'm using SIM 7.5.92 to create an installer package for Client Management Suite 7.1 SP2 MR1 and Service Desk 7.5 MP1. I had to install SIM on my local windows 7 workstation because the installation failed on the Windows 2012 server which will be the actual deployment server ...
New forum discussion 25 Jul 2013
Hi, We are planning to upgrade from Altiris Express Deployment to Altiris Client Management Suite 7.1 SP2 MR1.1. I've searched for some whitepapers and documentation on how tot do this, but haven't found any. I was wondering if it is evenhow possible. If not, is there a way to ...