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New forum discussion 08 Oct 2013
Hey all, Had a question regarding using SLP's to duplicate data from virtual tape drives to physical tape drives. We have 12 physical tape drives and are looking at using a VTL to backup data directly from Netbackup media servers and then from there, have the VTL (DXI 8500 ...
New forum discussion 08 Oct 2013
Hey all, I am currently trying two methods to discover the best way to track how much data has been backed up via the media servers for a given period of time.  Here are my two approaches: 1.) Created a report on OpsCenter that looks at the "Job Size" parameter ...
New forum discussion 05 Aug 2013
Hey all, I encountered an interesting occurrence this morning when I was updating one of our test servers to the patch.  Apparently, during the update, the CLT package installed fine but when it came to install the new bp package, the server ran out of space in the mount ...
New forum discussion 29 Jul 2013
Is there anyway we can get information on the embedded java versions that the software uses? Is the embedded java needed if we are not using the GUI or are there other processes that run off the java vm?
New forum discussion 09 Jul 2013
Hey all, I was wondering if I could divulge any information regarding the approach that Netbackup takes upon restoring.  I would just like clarification on the concept in general and specifically how the transportation is selected when restoring. 1.) The media server that ...
New forum discussion 11 Jun 2013
Hey all, I am currently looking into Media Server Encryption Option (MSEO) for our media servers and I am finding it difficult to find ample documentation related to its impact on hardware.  Particularly, CPU performance has me concerned and all documentation for Netbackup 7.5 ...
New forum discussion 22 May 2013
Hey all, We have two clients installed as media servers and we want to have them act as clients instead of constantly having them be checked against master server records.  BPCD logs on master server are spammed with these checks every few minutes: 00:00:00.145 ...