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New forum discussion 25 Sep 2006
Running BE 10.0.5520 SP2 on 2003 server. Just upgraded to Symantec AV 10.1.Have the job stopping the Symantec AV service before back and restarting after. backup job time has increased 4 hours since installing AV software. Any one have ideas for bring the backup time back down?
New forum discussion 22 Aug 2006
Running VBE 10.0.5520 on a Windows 2003 server. Job is set to backup C, D, and System State. Job completes and log shows no errors. When I go to do a test restore all that is listed is C and System State. No D. Does anyone have a idea what would be causing D to not show in the restore ...
New forum discussion 26 Jun 2006
received BE job engine error message and was unable to find any help in the KB.Application Log:Event ID: 1000Error Message: Faulting application bengine.exe, version 10.0.5520.15, faulting module bengine.exe, version 10.0.5520.15, fault address 0x000c5718.
New forum discussion 02 Jan 2006
How much space should VBE be taking up on my server? I show that it's taking up 1.05GB. Is that normal? What can I remove, (log's, catalogs, temp files,....Is there any thing I can remove with out removing the program?
New forum discussion 28 Sep 2005
Had 9.1 installed before. Uninstalled and installed 10.0. Had the notifications working under 9.1 install, but they do not work under 10.0 install. What could be the cause of the problem?
New forum discussion 19 Sep 2005
PVLSVR.exe - Application error The instruction at "0x012190ce" referenced memory at "0x0121e8c8." The memory could not be "written." Can anyone help me understand this and fix this little problem.
discussion comment 28 Feb 2005
New forum discussion 17 Feb 2005
Can you setup VBE to run a restore job of a test file everytime right after the backup is completed? Would like to test the same file from every backup job.
discussion comment 27 Jan 2005
New forum discussion 26 Jan 2005
Getting error on Diff backups; (OFO: Initialization failure on: "shadow?copy?components". Adnvanced open file option used: Microsoft volume shardow copy service (vss). VSS snapshot error. unexpected provider error.I do not have OFO installed on the backup server.OS: Win ...