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New forum discussion 02 Jul 2015
How many client licenses are supported on a single Encryption Management Server? What is the best practice to follow? Thank you, Dennis
New forum discussion 31 May 2012
Running DLP 11.5 in a LAB environment (NW Monitor) no incidents reported.  I followed a test scenario listed in the DLP admin guide using a secret word "test_vontu_secret_keyword". The odd thing about it is the following: * If I send an email from an ...
New forum discussion 29 May 2012
I'm running a test lab for Symantec DLP and testing high-level scenarios. I figured out how to block confidential content from being emailed and discoverd. However, I am not able to figure out how to generate incidents if the items are copied using a "Dropbox". Does ...
New forum discussion 15 May 2012
I'm just throwing the question out there to see what is everyone's opinion in regards to this question. I understood that Enterprise Vault Archives can help meet records management compliance requirements, but since you can archive data from its creation date and purge items using ...
New forum discussion 14 May 2012
Hello,   Does anyone now if "TransVault" has tools available to ingest data from Google Mail solutions to an Enterprise Vault archive for discovery purposes? Any specific requirements if mail is in a Hosted Solution besides permissions granted by the solution ...
New forum discussion 07 May 2012
I tried uninstalling and re-installing multipe times and run into the same issue. Importing the solution pack shows the following: SEVERE: Unable to connect to: com.vontu.model.ojb.OJBLockManager: The Solution Pack install ...
New forum discussion 02 May 2012
Hello,  I'm fairly new to the NBU arena, and understand it may help if I knew additional specifics within an environment however wondering if some information can be provided in regards to new NBU functionality: * NBU Replication Director: This functionality is only ...
New forum discussion 28 Feb 2012
Does anyone know if Symantec will only be supporting a single e-Discovery product in the future? As of now; it seems like on of these products provide more features than others. However; each of them has something specific that the others don't have which makes it difficult to use without ...
New forum discussion 17 Jan 2012
I was running a "Full" harvest and this job had completed 98% in almost a 3 day period. However it would never finalize the remaining 2%. I stopped the tasks and tried to rerun the harvest process to complete the remaining 2%, however the "Harvest" process does not ...
discussion comment 22 Nov 2011