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New forum discussion 07 Mar 2014
Recentley we imported some NSF and PST files for some users who joined our company. Now I am seeing DCOM errors on the EV server which compain about these computers it shows unable to communicate with the original archive server obviosuly these servers does not exists in our ...
New forum discussion 06 Mar 2014
Since I removed the last AD 2003 DC within our environment, EV is unable to connect to the remote SQL server. As soon as I start the EV admin service or run the deployment scanner the service account gets locked out. EV was able to connect to SQL prior to this change. Previously I had 2 DC ...
New forum discussion 26 Feb 2014
Hi, I am trying to copy large size of archived files from the source to another destination but without actually restoring the files from the original location. I have done some testing using FSAUtility command with the restore parameters but these parameters does copy the files ...
New forum discussion 08 Feb 2014
Hi, The introduction of the latest version of NetBackup has caused many issues on our EV the latest issue that we have is that the savesets are not clearing therefore the awaiting archive items are not clearing out. The environment consist of one EV (10.0.4) ...
New forum discussion 06 Feb 2014
I wonder if you guys shed light on the on-going backup issue that we are having for backing up EV (dvs files). Recently we have upgraded Netbackup to the latest version ( and since then the backup process on the EV (10.0.4) have become very ...
New forum discussion 06 Feb 2014
I wonder if anyone has introduced Windows 2012 R2 AD in their EV 10 environment. It appeares to be Windows 2012 R2 AD is yet not compatible. I am not refering to the instllation of EV 10 on Windows 2012 R2 OS. Since I have upgraded our test environment to Windows 2012 R2 AD, EV ...
discussion comment 05 Feb 2014
New forum discussion 05 Feb 2014
I wonder if anyone can shed some light on the issue that we have regarding EV and the latest Netbackup version Recently we have upgraded Netbackup to 7.6 and our storage team tried to introduce a few new features in the latest version of Netbackup ( including API and accelerator) and ...