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New forum discussion 23 Dec 2014
Do you know if Symantec are Releasing a Definitions update on Xmas Day? I have to hand crank one of my SEPM's and therefore need to know Cheers Fal
New forum discussion 25 Mar 2013
Given I run SEPM on a closed network I download the latest virus defs from the FTP site
New forum discussion 14 Feb 2013
Im currently using Symantec Endpoint Encryption Device Control Auditor, to discover and create a whitlist within SEE-DC.  The problem i have is that there is a device a Kodak I600 scanner that i need to add in however due to it being classed as FireWire it dosent have the normal 4 digit ...
New forum discussion 04 Feb 2013
Can anyone point me in the right direction.  Im trying to obtain which location/log file Symantec endpoint 12.1 stores data in regarding file scan time outs. Regards Fala
New forum discussion 17 Jan 2013
I have a load of old Lumension information which im trying to use so that I can move across to Endpoint Encryption Device Control.  Im looking for a way to marry the information together but cant find any fields or data that have the same information.  Has anyone come across this ...
New forum discussion 03 Jan 2013
Im currently in the process of moving a large number of nodes from McAfee to Symantec.  I have a lot of Virus Detection information for McAfee detections and im searching round trying to find a decent webpage/table to show the equivalent name in SEPM. Any Suggestions All ...
New forum discussion 11 Dec 2012
From a client device is there a way to set a force policy refresh so that it will pull the latest from its SEPM servers? Cheers Fal
New forum discussion 10 Dec 2012
Can anyone help me with my Endpoint Encryption setup.  Basically within the admin console ive Clicked on 'Tools' Clicked on 'Prepare to Deploy Clients' Clicked on 'Change file Location' Then changed the location to a new ...
New forum discussion 28 Nov 2012
Given that McAfee has released an Extra Dat file and updated its Stinger to cover this latest threat, is there anything similar appeared in the Symantec world?  Or is there going to be? Regards Fal
discussion comment 15 Nov 2012
New forum discussion 14 Nov 2012
Im new to SEPM so please forgive me.  Does anyone know the default loaction on a client where I can find the logs for a full scan I've run to save me having to dive on each machine to view them through the console. Cheers Fal
New forum discussion 12 Jul 2012
Hi there Ive recently installed SEPM and for now have to update the servers manually with the vdb file each day.  Question, how many updates get released each day on average and is there some kind of email alert i can sign up to to work out when they come out. Also ...
New forum discussion 26 Jun 2012
I'm new to the world of SEPM and looking to help setup a new environment.  Just wondering if anyone had any thoughts on the actual SEPM servers themselves, if there is any issues in deploying them as virtual machines instead of physical???