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New forum discussion 15 Dec 2008
Hello folks,   My company wish to backup files/folders which are created/updated during the course of the working day.  I.E, if someone creates a file at 10am, and deletes it at say 3pm (before the evening backup runs) we are able to restore it for them.   A disk ...
New forum discussion 05 Nov 2008
Hi Guys, I created an image that I don't want to join to my domain. However, I went to take an image of this workstation? How is it possible with DS using none domain account? Cheers.
New forum discussion 03 Nov 2008
Hi Guys, I moved to a new Altiris server, I didn't bother taking my DB with my as I was happy to start a fresh. The server was install with no problem (PXE included) but now, if I try to image any workstations PXE is not happening for me. Clients wait at the prompt ...
New forum discussion 30 Oct 2008
Got a strange problem with a user. When ever this user loads Excel (2000), Aclient.CFG is loaded? For the life of me I can't figure out why this is? Anyone come across this strangeness before? Cheers, F
New forum discussion 23 Jun 2008
Hi Guys,   Simple question, when my tapes reach full capacity they don't overwrite anymore.   Overwrite Protection Perion = None   Append Period = None   Reading the manual that should mean they can be ...
New forum discussion 27 Apr 2008
Hi Guys,I've got a weird one here. I have some jobs scheduled to run, these are daily jobs and the schedule tells them to run Tue,Wed,Thur,Fri. I went to change one of them to run on Saturday and it moved the date window which was set to run tonight a day forward? I tried it on ...
New blog entry 21 Nov 2007
Hi Folks, For those of us who use the Deployment Solution (DS) Web Console as opposed to the full GUI (I find the Web Console mildly pleasing for some reason) this tip might come in handy. I recently re-installed my DS Server. Everything went fine except the DS Web Console ...