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New forum discussion 07 Nov 2011
I see Lucene in the workflow install at "C:\Program Files\Symantec\Workflow\ProcessManager\LuceneFullTextSearch", but don't see any documentation or exposure of it in the user interface. Can anyone shed any light -  what it indexes, where it indexes it, how to ...
New forum discussion 03 Nov 2011
I am migrating our workflow installation (not ServiceDesk) between two servers. The hostname and AD domain name is being changed.  I'm running the following SQLs shown below to change this the servername and AD domain.  However, when I visit
discussion comment 31 Oct 2011
New forum discussion 30 Oct 2011
In the "GetUserInfo" component in Workflow 7.1 there's a new required parameter "ConnectionContextName".  This parameter is not present in Workflow 7.0.  I can't find any obvious components that provide the connection context.  What should it ...
New forum discussion 20 Oct 2011
I'm after information and best practises on how to use the Workflow Repositories in Workflow 7.1. I'm setting up Dev, UAT and Production workflow servers and want to know how/if I should be using the workflow repository to move developed workflows from dev to UAT to ...
New idea 06 Oct 2011
Currently ServiceDesk 7.1 and Workflow 7.1 both require UAC to be turned off on the Windows 2008 server.  Please can you invest time making the product run correctly with UAC turned on. ISSUE: Error creating custom data types ERROR CODE/MESSAGE: Access to the path ...
New forum discussion 22 Aug 2011
Is it possible (for users) to release Leases on workflow tasks before they timeout? 
discussion comment 14 Jun 2011
New forum discussion 13 Jun 2011
I'm using the HTMLEditor, but it sometimes corrupts the text when misspelled words are entered.  See screenshot below: I've tried to turn off the spell checking as ...
New forum discussion 06 Jun 2011
I have a workflow where I need to be able to assign the next step of the workflow dynamically. In a dialog form a user needs to be able to pick the group/user to which the next stop of the workflow should be assigned. I've tried picking the "next" user to assign to using ...
New forum discussion 12 Jan 2011
I have a number of groups within Active Directory (AD). I have integrated process manager with AD, so that the AD users and groups appear in processmanager. I am using these groups to provide assignment of workflow tasks (different workflow dialog steps are assigned to different AD ...
discussion comment 11 Jan 2011