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New forum discussion 20 Dec 2013
hi, is Hyper-V backup supported for Server 2012 R2? thanks, florin
New forum discussion 20 Dec 2013
hello, i'm having some issues creating a policy to backup Hyper-V 2012 R2. i get this error: Error validating Hyper-V machine name. Server failed to list VM's (-1) could not find any info on the support page related to Hyper-V 2012 R2... does someone know if it's ...
New forum discussion 27 Nov 2013
Hello, another episode in my struggle to get BMR working for P2V restores.... i create a PTR and start off the restore process from an iso file. the restore job completes successfully for the C:\ drive but then it does not kick off the next step of the process (system ...
New forum discussion 24 Nov 2013
Hello, i have configured a BMR master server on a linux master server. also configured a BMR boot server on a 2008 R2 and configured 2 SRT one for x32 and one for x64 (both at i have 2 issues: 1. for a win2003 SP2 standard i cannot start a prepare ...
New forum discussion 23 Nov 2013
hi, i'm wondering if anyone is using this scenario and how it's setup... as far i can se Backup Exec has B2V and P2V support built in but not the case with Netbackup. thanks, florin
New forum discussion 22 Nov 2013
Hello, is there a way to check the status of an SLP that is in progress? i would like to know stuff like %completion time, GB transferred, current kb/s. are there some best practices/tuning tips to improve performance of optimize deduplication between remote 5230 ...
New forum discussion 08 Nov 2013
hello, i get this error when trying to restore from a hyper-v VM which has the netbackup client installed. in the hyper-v policy i have 3 clients (selected by hostname) and only one of them exhibits this error. output of bpclntcmd on the culprit ...
New forum discussion 21 Nov 2012
Hello, can someone confirm that vshpere 5.0 u1 is supported in netbackup in the support document for virtual environments it only mentions that netbackup supports vsphere updates unless otherwise mentioned... that's not very reassuring to ...