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New forum discussion 31 Jul 2013
We just upgraded to SEP v12 recently and everything has gone smoothly.  We have 100 or so Windows 7 workstations and 8 Windows 2008 servers.  The SEPM server is a 2008 R2 member server.  We have the VIPRE Business edition product on less than 10 computers and the ...
New forum discussion 02 Sep 2011
We have Backup Exec 2010 running on a 32-bit media server (it's Windows Server 2003 R2).  We have 2 remote agents, one a 32-bit 2003R2 server and one is a 2008R1 server, both 32-bit.  Then recently we added the exchange agent for our mail server which is Exchange 2007 on a ...
New forum discussion 06 Jul 2011
Note: I read the following article and it still did not provide the answer to this question: When creating a centralized exception, and using a prefix variable, is it correct or ...
New forum discussion 27 Jan 2010
This morning I was glad to see that last night's backup was successful. We use BE 12.5 on Windows 2003 Server. We backup to a D2D (virtual 1x8 library) and then run a duplicate set to a 1x8 tape auto loader. The tapes have bar codes labeled ABC001L2 up to ABC036L2.  Each time a backup is ...
New forum discussion 24 Dec 2009
What am I doing wrong? We recently implemented a new D2D2T system.  The D2D is a HP D2D 2504 which uses deduplication.  From a full backup to the D2D we make a duplicate backup set to tape using an HP 1x8 G2 autoloader.  We use BE 12.5 on Windows 2003 Standard server with the ...
New forum discussion 23 Dec 2009
We recently began using a Disk to Disk to Tape solution.  We back up to a HP D2D device which emulates a 1x8 auto-loader, and then that backup job is duplicated to tape for off-site storage.  We use BEWS 12.5 with the Library Expansion Option.  Recently we had a problem with ...
New forum discussion 25 Sep 2009
We recently implemented a new D2D device with a 1x8 autoloader attached directly to the D2D. The server running BE is using the Microsoft iSCSI connector to attach to the D2D. The server backs up to the D2D via the network. The D2D emulates a 1x8 autoloader.  The physical tape ...
New forum discussion 19 Feb 2009
Could anyone tell me how to stop a scan on a client?  We use Win2003 SP2 servers, XP SP3 clients.  A full scan is scheduled to run weekly, during off hours.  Sometimes a full scan will start in the middle of the day (I have no idea why), and when this happens, the client PC all but completely ...
New forum discussion 04 Feb 2009
We are on Winsows Server 2003 / Exchange 2003 / single domain less than 100 users.  One mail server.  We have been using BE version 12.0 and recently upgraded to 12.5. We are experiencing the same problem with both versions. We are using MAPI email alerts; simple alerts to inform us of ...