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New blog entry 14 Oct 2014
I want to share my perspective on the decision to separate Symantec into two companies: the Information Management business, ...
New blog entry 06 Oct 2014
Security is deeply personal. Every day, we see examples of private information being exposed or exploited. At Symantec, we want to give people confidence – whether they’re sharing photos or shopping from a smartphone – that we are working constantly behind the scenes to keep their information ...
New blog entry 18 Aug 2014
As manchetes atuais em Segurança da Informação são muito parecidas e relatam o crescimento de ameaças como “Gigante do Varejo Divulga Imensa Violação de Dados” ou “Gangue Russa Acumula Bilhões de Credenciais de Internet”. Entretanto, apesar desse aumento, estamos cada vez mais colocando nossa ...
New blog entry 18 Aug 2014
The headlines are all too familiar: “Retail Giant Reports Massive Data Breach,” “Russian Gang Amasses Billions of Web Credentials.” Despite the increase in threats, we are moving more and more of our lives on line: from sensitive health and financial data, to precious photos and daily ...
New blog entry 24 Feb 2014
One of the central challenges of what has been termed 'consumerization' is how to balance the benefits experienced by employees using their own devices and applications, with the inherent risks to the business of doing so. The bottom line is one of cost - while employees may be more ...
New blog entry 16 Apr 2013
The unstoppable BYOD trend is crossing over to the mainstream and continues to impact the way businesses must think about and address mobile productivity. Users are mastering mobile devices on their own time and are using them as time-saving tools, creating increased demand on businesses to ...
New blog entry 21 Feb 2013
Em julho de 2011, uma auditoria interna descobriu uma invasão na infraestrutura da autoridade de certificação (CA) DigiNotar, indicando o comprometimento de suas chaves de criptografia. A violação dessas chaves possibilitou a emissão fraudulenta de ...
New blog entry 18 Feb 2013
Successful technology adoption requires managing the ...
New blog entry 13 Feb 2013
Symantec Website Security Solutions erstellt hochwertige integrierte Angebote, die unsere Kunden dabei unterstützen, ihre Ziele zu erreichen. Wir helfen E-Commerce-Unternehmen, ihr Online-Geschäft auf zahlreichen Geräten, Plattformen und Medientypen zu etablieren und ...
New blog entry 13 Feb 2013
El equipo de Symantec Website Security Solutions ofrece productos integrados de calidad para ayudar a nuestros clientes a lograr sus objetivos. Empresas de comercio electrónico de todo el mundo se ponen en nuestras manos para establecerse y crecer en diversos tipos de dispositivos, ...
New blog entry 13 Feb 2013
L'obiettivo del team Symantec Website Security Solutions è di realizzare offerte integrate di qualità in grado di assistere i nostri clienti a raggiungere i loro traguardi.  Aiutiamo le società di e-commerce a organizzare e sviluppare la loro attività ...
New blog entry 13 Feb 2013
L’équipe Website Security Solutions de Symantec a pour mission de proposer des offres intégrées de qualité, capables d’aider nos clients à atteindre leurs objectifs. Nous accompagnons ...
New blog entry 12 Feb 2013
The objective of the Website Security Solutions team at Symantec is to produce quality, integrated offerings that help our customers achieve their goals.  We help eCommerce companies establish and grow their online businesses across multiple devices, platforms, and media types. We also ...
New blog entry 08 Jan 2013
By now you’re probably aware of the Turkish Certificate Authority that had mistakenly issued two intermediate CA certificates to two organizations in Turkey. With these trusted intermediate certificates, the two organizations, a Turkish bank and a Turkish government transportation ...
New blog entry 12 Dec 2012
On Tuesday, Microsoft announced that they have just upgraded their entire mail environment to an Always On SSL ...
New blog entry 01 Nov 2012
I’m very pleased to announce that as of today Symantec has wholly acquired VeriSign Japan, a long time business partner, solidifying our investment and commitment to growing our business in Japan. This acquisition achieves three key goals that help benefit customers in the local ...
New blog entry 27 Sep 2012
Recently, the industry has seen increased instances involving malware signed by legitimate code signing certificates owned by legitimate companies. In each of these incidences, the private key, associated with the code signing certificate, was either compromised or otherwise maliciously used. ...
New blog entry 25 Sep 2012
With National Cyber Security Month right around the corner, I  wanted to take this chance to discuss Symantec’s point of view about the current state of the Certificate Authority (CA) industry. After a year riddled with highly publicized CA security breaches that threatened ...
New blog entry 11 Sep 2012
La confiance en ligne représente bien plus qu’une simple formule passe-partout. Cet objectif génère en effet des politiques couvrant un large spectre : des produits de sécurité virtuels et de leur intégration jusqu'au renforcement des ...
New blog entry 11 Sep 2012
La fiducia in Internet non è solo uno slogan alla moda. È anche una criticità che genera politiche i cui effetti si estendono dal mondo virtuale dei prodotti di sicurezza e dell'integrazione fino al rafforzamento dei processi e dei dispositivi fisici. È anche ...