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New forum discussion 30 Oct 2014
Can you create an Advanced disk pool mounted with nfs of a Linux storage server and a solaris storage server
New forum discussion 17 Sep 2014
i see on the media server and the master that bptm is tring to conect to ldap bptm[11090]: [ID 293258 daemon.warning] libsldap: Status: 2  Mesg: Unable to load configuration '/var/ldap/ldap_client_file' ('') as far as i know the only aspect of netbackup using ldap is to ...
New idea 15 Aug 2014
Currently the SG driver doesn’t work on Solaris zones  because when the SG drivers through sgbuild creates direct link to devices in /dev/sg but with Solaris zones you can only share out the /dev/rmt to the zone not /devices. Would it be possible for the sg devices to link to ...
New idea 29 Apr 2014
I would like to be able to exclude backup per hour for example starting 11:PM until next day 2:00AM Thanks
New idea 13 Feb 2014
As you probably know Netbackup has amazing fuetuers for VMware backups query builder backups VMDK and filesystem backup of a VM, restore wizard etc. Can Symantec work on having some of this features with solaris zones if netbackup can integrate with zfs features like zfs send, zfs ...
New forum discussion 11 Feb 2014
I have to move a lot of database in an instance from one host to another I there a way to move it in bulk without having to create a move template for each individual database thanks
New idea 05 Feb 2014
currently you can't have a zone media server on a cluster master inactive node as soon as you start the netbackup services the vcs netbackup engine on the global detects that netbackup services are starting and kill it. i would like for Symantec to add to vcs monitor to only search the ...
New idea 05 Feb 2014
i would like to have the of selecting the backup selection when doing manual back the way i can select a schedule and client
idea comment 05 Feb 2014
New forum discussion 11 Dec 2013
can specify specific media server to restore for specific clients? i am looking to force restores to a specific client to use an alternate media server with out impacting other restores when u set /usr/openv/netbackup/db/config/USE_BACKUP_MEDIA_SERVER_FOR_RESTORE it will use the ...
New forum discussion 22 Nov 2013
I have an interesting scenario In a remote site i would like to create a backup network and the clients and media server of that site will have a NIC on that network. i wont all backups from clients to media to go through the backup network. The caveat is that that the master ...