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New forum discussion 08 Nov 2012
Hello All, VCS version (4.0 to 5.1) OS version AIX, Solaris, Linux     I have a question about Cluster ID numbers and the need for them to be unique. For the most part we have just assigned cluster ID numbers on pretty much of an add-hoc basis, with no one ...
New forum discussion 26 Sep 2012
Hello all, Environment: rsd9# uname -a AIX rsd9 3 5 00C07C544C00 EngineVersion   I have an resource of type "APPLICATION". Is it possible to change the restartlimit of the individual resource ...
New forum discussion 25 Sep 2012
Does anybody know where I can find a questionnaire for VCS? I am looking to find a questionnaire, checklist that can be used a blueprint to build a cluster. TIA, George.
New forum discussion 23 Jan 2012
Can anybody tell me how to add additional users to the VOM console? The only user that can log in is the root user of the managment server. I have the domain set to unixpwd Any other user that can ssh to the machine and log in, is unable to log into the ...
New forum discussion 12 Aug 2011
Hello all: My environmnt: VCS 5.0mp3rp5 on two SUN M5000s running Solaris 10: My question: I have a service group set up with a disk group, network, mount points, oracle and listener resouces. WHen I first setup the serivce group, I setup the network, disk ...
New forum discussion 08 Apr 2011
Solaris 10 U8, Sf 5.0mp3 I have a solaris machine that has MPXIO enabled and all of the vxvm volumes were built using MPXIO devices. File system have already been created and they contain data. Can anyone tell me if it is possible to disable Solaris MPXIO and use Veritas DMP ...
New forum discussion 05 Nov 2010
Hello All,      I have a two node HA cluster that is cofigured, up and running. The environment details are: Solaris 10 10/09 with  Veritas-5.0MP3RP2 The cluster was build using hostnames of the form hosta-new and hostb-new. We need to ...
New forum discussion 04 Jun 2010
Hello All, Environment: 2 SUN T5140 running Solaris 10 5/09 VCS 5.1 I installed the following two patches on my cluster a couple of days ago. sfha-sol_sparc-5.1RP1-patches.tar.gz and vm-sol_sparc-5.1RP1_DMP_Native_Support_GA-patches.tar.gz After ...