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New forum discussion 06 Jul 2011
Does anyone out there run the Symantec AV client on a Linux server? Is there a procedure available similar to Windows to clear corrupted AV defs? Has anyone seen this? Also is there a way to check if Liveupdate is running and to disable it? I have to update the AV ...
New forum discussion 19 Apr 2011
I have SEP v 11.0.6000.550, Network Threat Protection on a server. I want to be able to ping another server but I cannot get a successful ping. All I get is a "Request Timed out" response. The only way I can get a successful ping is to disable NTP. I have created a ...
New forum discussion 28 Mar 2011
I have SEP 11.0.6000.550 with Network Threat protection installed on a BES and I would like to block everything except what is needed to keep the BES running properly. I have rules setup for the BES, Exchange, DCs, a few others and I have a rule to block "Deny all except when ...
New forum discussion 09 Mar 2011
Does the post-command have to be a batch file? Can a vbs script be used? If it needs to be a batch file can muliple vbs scripts be called from one batch file? What I want to do is once a backup is complete move those files out of that backup folder. I have a vbs scipt that does that.
discussion comment 14 Jan 2011
New forum discussion 14 Jan 2011
I had a really strange SEP occurence this week. My Sylink-Remote_ENG folder I've been using for quite some time now was flagged as a risk and deleted. Has anybody seen this and know why? See log below... At least one security risk found:  Risk name: ...
New forum discussion 15 Dec 2010
We are looking into cutting over from Backup Exec 12.5 to Netback 7 because it will be provided for us. What I'm not sure about is with Netbackup what the agent is called for backing up Linux. Under Backup Exec it's called Remote Agent for Linux Server. The backup server and ...
New forum discussion 03 Nov 2010
I have had this issue for quite some time now. I came to this site back in January of this year about it. SEPM is detecting unmanaged computers with an IP address and MAC address notification. The IP address is still on the network but the MAC Address is not. Systems are removed and reimaged ...
New forum discussion 03 Nov 2010
Is it possible to manage a linux client with with a Windows 2003 SEPM server? I have two linux redhat systems that I'd like to be able to manage with my SEPM.