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New forum discussion 01 Aug 2013
Hi all, Does anybody know how to disable the USB writing on SEP12 Manager console and build a  specialized group, throw computers into the group?
New forum discussion 26 Jun 2013
Hi all, Now I faced the issues on the logs generation of SEP12, on the manage console I can see English logs from application control but for Chinese  showing up as random nonsense mathematical/greek symbols. all the logs are regardig USB writting ...
New forum discussion 20 Feb 2013
Currently I am working on the new SEP12 deployment. I want to let users update definition as below: Local GUP---------(if failed)-----------SEPM----------(if failed)----------Symantec webiste Is it feasible and which way is best for users' clients definition ...
New forum discussion 06 Feb 2013
New forum discussion 03 Feb 2013
Hi all, Did you know how to create a script for installation package of SEP12?
New forum discussion 17 Jan 2013
Hi all , Do you know how to define rules on SEP12 to trigeer alerts? I want to get two rules: Rule one - Virus outbreak by number of infected computers Found 5 or more infected computer(s) in 20 minute(s). Rule Two ...
New forum discussion 17 Dec 2012
The latest version SEP 12.1.2 has Gup roaming which ill allow clients who physically move locations to use the local GUP server based upon subnet. This will require some configuration. Who did test it and know how to enable this feature? Thanks!
New forum discussion 19 Nov 2012
Hi all, Did anybody try to enable the location awareness function on SEP 12.1?   I did enable it under policy. But how to verify it is working and did I need do some fundamental config on clients which installed SEP12.1 for testing location awareness? Thanks ...
New forum discussion 10 Oct 2012
Hi Guys, we are testing SEP 12.1 now. On all the test PCs, the live update cannot work well. The log is as below: Error LiveUpdate encountered an error: Failed to resolve LiveUpdate server name (0xA100000D).  We are using Bluocoat as web ...
New forum discussion 08 Oct 2012
Hi Guys, I found one laptop was infected with the FBI virus. How to clean it? we cannot login by safe mode. SEP11.0.6 has been already installed on the laptop.The client ddin't report to SEP console.
New forum discussion 07 Sep 2012
Hi all. I did some upgrading from SEP 11to SEP12.1, but client is still communicating with SEPM11... I have to manually change sylink.xml.... Who know how to deal with it on SEPM12, not change its sylink,xml....
New forum discussion 07 Sep 2012
Hi guys, I am now testing the SEP 12.1  We are using GUP to provide update definition for our SEP 11 clients. I  am not sure if I can still use thecurrent GUP. And upgrad our SEPM11 to SEPM12, then these new SEP12 clients still can get update definistion from GUP servers. ...