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Guido Sanchidrian

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Guido Sanchidrian Symantec Employee Accredited

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Job Title: Principal Product Marketing Manager EMEA
Member for: 5 years 39 weeks

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Symantec Sales Expert (SSE)
  • Symantec Protection Suite: Small Business Edition, Advanced Business Edition and Enterprise Edition
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New blog entry 11 Jun 2013
Like all fathers in the world, I want the best for my children, including the ability to leverage the latest in technology. In today’s world, my children need to understand technology not only to be competitive in their education and careers but also in many cases to develop and ...
New article 25 Feb 2013
This document is intended to give a broad overview of security posture: our policies, processes and practices. Some specific examples are given, but the absence of evidence for a specific control from this document should not be interpreted as evidence of absence. Our ...
New blog entry 14 Feb 2013
Symantec study shows employees steal corporate data and don’t believe it’s wrong:
New blog entry 01 Oct 2012
Effective IT strategy requires a comprehensive approach that aligns IT and the business by addressing multiple areas of discipline including IT risk management, operational efficiency, IT best practice and technology enablement. In particular, it requires a process that follows a proven model ...
New blog entry 18 Sep 2012
Mobile devices have made instant access to personal and confidential data crucial to our day-to-day lives. Safeguarding this confidential data is a complex challenge for any organisation. A growing number of companies are turning to workplace monitoring and data loss prevention (DLP) ...
New blog entry 08 Aug 2012
"Big Data" is one of the new buzzwords in IT. So it was just a question of time when "Big Data" hits the Information Security arena. Last week I saw a press release from ...
New blog entry 26 Jul 2012
Today I found a small article in my daily RSS feeds titled "Miracle Battery-Saver App Harvests Email Addresses for Spamming". The article is a brief ...
New blog entry 04 Jul 2012
The role of the board of directors in Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is changing significantly and becomes increasingly challenging due to major trends like cloud migration or big data, as well as initiative in mobile computing such as Bring-Your-Own-Devices (BYOD). The board of ...
New blog entry 24 May 2012
The last few days I spent some time to digest the latest Symantec ...
New blog entry 20 May 2012
The last few days I spent some time to digest the latest Symantec Internet Security Threat Report Volume 17. This comprehensive report provides an overview and analysis of the year 2011 in global threat activity. The report ...
New blog entry 18 Mar 2012
Late January 2012, the EU Commission presented the first proposal of a comprehensive reform of the existing EU Data Protection Directive. No doubt, the current Data Protection ...