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New forum discussion 10 Nov 2010
Hello, Running BUEX 2010 with the VMware Agent. I have my exchange 2010 server in a vSphere VM running ESXi 4.0. If I run a full backup using the VMware agent will it truncate the Exchange logs for the mailbox database and public folder store? Am I correct in thinking the ...
discussion comment 15 Oct 2008
New forum discussion 15 Oct 2008
I am rolling out MR3 and cannot find a report that provides me the information I need. I want to use a report that tells me what machines have any SEP version other that MR3. I can run the "Cumputer Status" report and select "SEP Production" as a filter but this gives me ...
New forum discussion 21 Apr 2008
Wondering if i'm missing something. I have the MR2 client rolled out to 80% of my clients. I want to see what clients are still on MR1. I run the report with the report type of "Computer Status" and report of "SEP Product". It tells me % of client on each version but I ...
New forum discussion 03 Apr 2008
Sorry for the silly question, but I can't seem to find any documentation on this. I have MR1 installed and would like to know how to install MP1. On fileconnect I see that contains just the CD1 ...
New forum discussion 12 Mar 2008
Hello,   I have SEPM 11.0 Mr1 running in my environment. I have Exchange 2003 SP2 with SAV 10.2 client and Mail Security 5.0.7. Is the SEP client compatible with my version of Exchange and Mail Security?   Thanks
discussion comment 15 Feb 2008
New forum discussion 15 Feb 2008
Using SEPM MR1 and have the clients configured to perform a weekly scan on Sundays. I've found that if a laptop or pc is powered off during the scheduled scan time then it will run the scan the next time it's power on (EG Monday morning). I don't (and my users won't) want scans running on ...