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New forum discussion 01 Aug 2014
At my last sepm version i have not seen this problem after the upgrade i have seen a duplicate client entry in server. Search the client, one is online and other is offline. Is this a version issue or some other problem? Version is 12.1 RU4 MP1a
discussion comment 01 Aug 2014
New forum discussion 31 Jul 2014
Wha are the plugin available in altiris and how to install it?
New forum discussion 31 Jul 2014
Can i able to use the pcanywhere connection on intranet with internet connectivity? File and data will be transfer on it?
New forum discussion 07 Jul 2014
My team member deploy the altiris agent. Agent is install on some of the systems. Some clients are of without altiris agent. How would we troubleshoot this problem?
New forum discussion 07 Jul 2014
Trying to configure the mail notification, what the steps i can perform? Any of the extra port is require to open for it?
New forum discussion 04 Jul 2014
Hi, My SEPM is need to be upgrade. So the best practise which i follow to update? I have read the offical release document and according to it my symantec version is too old RU1 ...
New forum discussion 16 Oct 2012
HI, How to enable replication In sepm
New forum discussion 03 Aug 2012
hi, I need to upgrade SEP 11 version. One of my question we have more than 2000 client system, can SEP 12.1 manage sep 11.x client .
New forum discussion 28 Jul 2012
Hi, What is the best practice Recommended exclusions for windows servers. We will install new ADC .
New forum discussion 12 May 2012
I need Symantec support Contact details.
New forum discussion 14 Apr 2012
Hi I want to Antivirus not Scanning some database file.
New forum discussion 06 Apr 2012
I need SEP related best practices. i am new in symantec so i have found some download,artical. i have pass the cooment and added my activity so i am using future. kindly provide more data.