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New forum discussion 20 May 2014
What are the differences between On premises Enterprise Vault deployment vs Enterprise ? Pros and Cons of each options for archiving Exchange 2010 mailboxes.
New forum discussion 20 May 2014
On premises Enterprise Vault vs Enterprise for 20,000 users which one is a better solution? Any comparison guide available anywhere? Bandwidth usage and performace is a concern for .cloud solution for that many number of users. Please share your expart ...
New forum discussion 16 May 2014
Hi, We have two EV server under one directory and one site, one server is in EU and other one is in US. We need to migrate PSTs for EU users in EU EV server and PSTs for US Servers in US EV Server. However you can only configure one PST Holding folder either in US or EU, ...
discussion comment 31 Mar 2014
discussion comment 31 Mar 2014
New forum discussion 26 Mar 2014
Hi, What is the best way to backup Exchange DAG using NetBackup - we are using NetApp storage for Exchange We we NetApp snapmirror for DR.  One Exchange node in EU and other is US, we have two active / passive DB in both location. For granular restore and ...
New forum discussion 25 Mar 2014
Hi We have two sites, UK and US 2 Node Exchange 2010 DAG running in UK and US. UK users have mailboxes in UK Node DB and US users have mailboxes in US Node DB, we have passive copied of both DB in both locations. around 200 mailboxes in each UK and US ...
New forum discussion 29 Jan 2014
After we lost couple of volumes in a file server wanted to recreate placeholder shortcuts usign fsautility -c options It fails with error "Unknown exception occurred" for one volume and  with error "Hardlink exception occurred" for other volume,. Not having much luck ...
New forum discussion 27 Jan 2014
Is there any integration between Enterprise Vault and HP Autonomy Worksite? In other words can we carchive files from Worksite storage?
New forum discussion 03 Jan 2014
Hi, Does anyone knows any issues with EV file archiving (10.0.1) & the same file server protected by Backup Exec CPS? Since we started archiving backup excec CPS jobs starts and cancels. Any additional config needed? Any compatibility issue? Excluseexes needed ...
New idea 10 Dec 2013
EV Version 10.0.1 Deployment Scanner should allow us to select multiple items and remove. The issue we have currently is in large deployment of FSA when we want to add a new file server and want to scan just that server, we have to remove all file servers manually one by one, is a real ...