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Iftikhar Iqbal

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Iftikhar Iqbal Partner Accredited

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Symantec Accreditations

Symantec Technical Specialist (STS)
  • Altiris Client Management Suite 7.0
  • Symantec Control Compliance Suite 10.0
  • Symantec Management Platform 7.0 with Notification Server
  • Symantec Security Information Manager 4.7
  • Veritas Storage Foundation 5.1 for Windows
Symantec Sales Expert Plus (SSE+)
  • Symantec Control Compliance Suite 10.0
  • Symantec Disaster Recovery Advisor 6.3
Symantec Sales Expert (SSE)
  • Symantec Backup Exec 2010
  • Symantec Backup Exec 2012
  • Symantec Brightmail Gateway 9
  • Symantec Control Compliance Suite 10
  • Symantec Data Loss Prevention 11.0
  • Symantec Endpoint Protection 11
  • Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1
  • Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1 Small Business Edition
  • Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1 Small Business Edition (August 2011)
  • Symantec Managed Security Services (October 2013)
  • Symantec Messaging Gateway 9.5
  • Symantec Mobile Management Suite (Altiris) and Symantec App Center (April 2013)
  • Symantec NetBackup 7
  • Symantec Network Access Control 11
  • Symantec Network Access Control 12.1
  • Symantec Protection Suite: Small Business Edition, Advanced Business Edition and Enterprise Edition
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New forum discussion 26 Jun 2013
Hi, We tried to configure a Package Server in our Altiris environment. While going through the logs we found the following error: <event date="Jun 25 04:34:22 +00:00" severity="2" hostName="xxx" ...
New forum discussion 21 Jan 2013
Hi, Question 1: I would like to know how much license management can be done through Altiris 7.1 SP2 on various platforms (Windows, Linux, HP-UX and Solaris)? Here is my understanding, please correct me if I am wrong: You can manage licenses either through CMS or AMS but ...
New forum discussion 17 Jan 2013
Hi, I need to know if by using SMP security user accounts, roles and permission how can we apply the following scenario: Provide pcAnywhere operations to a separate IT team that can view, perform functions and manage everything related to pcAnywhere Provide Patch ...
New forum discussion 11 Nov 2012
Hi, Environment: 3 VM Mahines LABDC - Domain Controllet LABSQL - SQL Server 2008 Datacenter Edition LABALTIRIS - Client Management Suite 7.1 SP2 I am currently on LABALTIRIS, at the Symantec Instllation Manager (SIM) interface and ...
New forum discussion 14 Mar 2012
My customers requires to encrypt a file that is being transported over the WAN each time an application creates that particular file. The encrypted will be feeded to the 3rd Party database where it would be decrypted. Since i couldnt find any licensing guide for PGP products on the ...
New forum discussion 02 Nov 2011
Hi All, Just a background: I have successfully created a demo environment for CCS. Have been using to for the past few days, everything was working perfect. Yesterday i received the following error while opening the console: Unable to launch the ...
New forum discussion 25 Oct 2011
Hi All, I am trying to create a demo environment for CCS. At the moment i have the following VMs running: Domain Controller CCS (all in one) SQL Server 2005 SP2 All are installed on Windows Server 2003. Using IIS 6 on the CCS ...