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New forum discussion 03 Jul 2013
Dear All, SEP 12.1 is generating an error (Failed to connect to server). because of this i cant login SEPM. please find below the scm-server-0 logs in which some java exceptions arose. 2013-06-26 11:59:21.533 THREAD 38 SEVERE:  java.sql.SQLException: ...
New forum discussion 03 Jul 2013
Dear All, I am facing an issue in our environment, SEP is blocking to browse through internet wireless broadband device in a machine. When i checked the firewall logs on problematic machine "block all other IP traffic and log" policy was blocking this device to ...
New forum discussion 30 Jun 2013
 Hi All,  SEP 12.1 ( RU1 MP1) is running in our environment, i am facing an issue regarding generation of risk report (New risk detection in environment) of past 24 hours. Query failed error will display when i generate this report.This issue occurs only on generating (past ...
New forum discussion 25 Mar 2013
Hi,  I am facing Spams on SMG , these spams are in different languages. i want to block external mails of different languages but on specific domains. As some domains wants to recieve external mails and mostly they are in different languages  Is it possible in symantec ...
New forum discussion 20 Feb 2013
Dear All, Can anyone share the Symantec Enpoint protection 12.1 best practices for NAS and SAN storages ?? Regards, Irteza 
New forum discussion 21 Dec 2012
Dear All,  I am facing an issue when i generate a report of Top Traffic notification (Report type : Network Threat Protection ), No data is showing in this report as there are more than 2500 clients are connected with SEPM and all other reports are going fine. Similarly ...
New forum discussion 15 Oct 2012
Hi , Best practices  Policies for MAC, what is SEP firewall behavior when SEP firewall and Windows firewall work parrallel ? what SEP firewall does with pre built customized rules in windows firewall when SEP firewall installs and disable windows firewall ...
New forum discussion 08 Oct 2012
Dear All,  Can anyone tell me how clients select priority 1 servers in load balancing of SEPM ?