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New forum discussion 28 Aug 2012
I am looking for a routing rule to route new submitted incidents that are submitted at off-hours and have a priority of high, urgent and emergency to a preferred group. ( SD 7.1 SP2) The configuration of the priority in the sd.routingrules is not the problem. Question: how to ...
New forum discussion 07 Jun 2012
I need to find out where the hostname of the servicedesk host is set for the chat url variable. When I sent a email inventation for a chat room session, the chat url contains the name of localhost instead of the hostname of the servicedesk server. .
New forum discussion 17 Apr 2012
I want to hide some web parts from the sd incident view for only a specific group. Is this possible by only modifying the default sd incident view page or the web parts in that view? Or do have to make a copy of the entire sd incident view page by export\import this page and ...
New forum discussion 26 Mar 2012
When I sent a email to a existing incident or create a new incident by email, all webparts on the right pane are missing in the process view. I can only work the incident by clicking on the green button under History. Only when I change the Default filter options by unchecking ...
New forum discussion 22 Sep 2011
Hallo, We want to start with the Discussions functionality in Service Desk 7.1. But we have a constraint. By default the administrator (moderator) can’t delete any posts made by users. If you try to delete a post of another user you get the error message: ...
New forum discussion 24 Aug 2011
When I configure the Spell Checker Component to use the Dutch dictionary (value : nl_NL) in sd.Feeder.GeneralIncidentSubmitForm. This becomes active for the title, but not for (Details) the UltimateSpell Component. How can I solve this?
New forum discussion 05 Aug 2011
We tested several times the migration of incidents from our Helpdesk 6.5 to Servicedesk 7.1.1. The Category information is not migrated. This information should be added to the task header of the new created task (servicedesk_impl_gde71.pdf  p.121) Also is it ...
New forum discussion 22 Jul 2008
We use AD security groups in the DS Win32 console to give the remote site administrators the appropriate permissions and acces to their own computer groups. When we enable "Display only computers and jobs on which the user has permissions to operate" in the Global ...