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New forum discussion 02 Nov 2013
We enabled client-side deduplication and encryption (not policy base encryption) by adding 'agent_crypt' to the ServerOptions of contentrouter.cfg file on the media server (NB appliance media server). The backup job was completed successful, from job details, I can see it ...
New forum discussion 10 Sep 2013
Some question for data encryption over client-side deduplication: 1. how the encryption key is created, and where is created? 2. where is the key kept (on the client, media server or master server) and how is the key being managed when encrypted backup gets duplicated to ...
New forum discussion 24 Aug 2013
We have a standalone OpsCenter ( server on a Windows machine, which monitors the master (on a Linux) and all appliance 5220 appliance servers. One of the 5220 appliance was reimaged from 2.0.3 to 2.5.2, but OpsCenter Monitor > Appliance Hardware > Media server still shows ...
New forum discussion 09 Jul 2013
I have configured 5220 appliance as a media server with default dedup storage unit name. Can I change the storage unit name without reconfigure the appliance?
New forum discussion 24 Jun 2013
To implement netbackup for vmware, it seems needing a Windows server as a backup server (proxy) which will need to able to access the VMware datastore. Can this server be a VM, or vCenter itself? Thanks
New forum discussion 17 Jun 2013
 I am trying to setup backup replication between to NB appliance media servers. can anyone tell me the high level steps for how to setup and where the backup replication job log lives? Thanks
New forum discussion 03 Jun 2013
We want to implement client-side dedup under nb environment, I created a backup policy with client-side dedup enabled (by default). Do I still need to go into Host Properties and select Always use Client side dedup for the client machine? Also from the administration console, how can ...
New forum discussion 29 May 2013
NB 5220 appliance partition question I run 'FactoryReset' on a 5220 appliance (running v2.5), after reset, I noticed that from 'Storage > show all' output, there is 1GB catalog under Base Unit Storage, is this normal and comes from ...