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New forum discussion 19 Apr 2015
I create group on SEPM but in group not a policy serial number. Group or Sub group no policy number. SEP on console show online, On SEP client appear ...
New forum discussion 28 Oct 2014
Dear all ,In some day my SEPM console show No. of clients wrong (I installed SEP 800 clients) and delete clients from console when offline 15 days How to check total number of SEP installed on SEPM Thank you 
New forum discussion 11 Sep 2014
i heard today that 5 Jan 2015, SEP version 11 will not be able to get virus definition update. I already have server at version 12, but client version 11. Can we still get client version 11 to update to server version 12 after EOLS (5 January ...
New forum discussion 31 Aug 2014
When SEPM11 (EOSL) on January 5, 2015. My clients (SEP11) can be update definition. I'm upgrade SEPM11 to SEPM12.1 RU4 already. But SEP i plan upgrade in next year (Feb 2015) SEP11 can update definition from SEPM12&LUA ?, And then am using LUA downloads definition of ...
New forum discussion 04 Aug 2014
SMSMSE 6.5 (Definition 64-bit) 01:30 AM SEP12 (SEP definition 32 bit) 02:00 AM SEP11 (SEP definition 32,64 bit) 03:00 AM From Logs am found  Failed to ...
discussion comment 18 Jun 2014
New forum discussion 18 Jun 2014
Hi , I install new SEPM version 12, I need to move client from old sever SEPM11 (not upgrade) I use Clients deployment wizard > Comminication update Package deplyment > select group > remote push > select client > define login credentils (Domain Admin) In ...
New forum discussion 23 Oct 2013
have another way to change schedule GUP downloads update only ? from SEPM I try change a lot of GUPs. 
New forum discussion 17 Oct 2013
I have problem with LiveUpdateAdmin 2.2 I use SMSMSE 6.5 and SEPM 11.0.6005 Update virus definition from LUA 2.2 But LUA can download,Distribute SMSMSE 6.5,Can't download SEPM definition it Always fail. I try new "SEP Downloads Virus Definition" and ...