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Jared Payne

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Status: -
Job Title: Software Engineer, Altiris

Jared works on computers because he is easily mesmerized by the blinking lights. Lucky for Altiris, the SVS team distracted him long enough to bring him aboard in early 2005. Jared is an excellent cook who likes Mexican food and rarely has cold cereal in his cupboard. He also participates in his church choir where they have him turn the pages for the piano player, because no one wants to hear him sing. (Jared married the PIANO PLAYER sometimes it pays to do things you are bad at)

Member for: 9 years 6 weeks
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New article 05 Jun 2007
One of the core features of SVS is the ability to eliminate conflicts between different software in different Virtual Software Packages (VSPs). One of the more ...
New download 09 Oct 2006
Jared Payne keeps tossing SVS gems over the wall. This tool swaps the writeable sublayers of two different layers. Download it here. Use: WriteableSwap <LayerName|GUID> <LayerName|GUID> [FLAGS] Flags F   ...
New download 30 Aug 2006
ExcludeDelete deletes the exclude entries contained in the template layer from the layers specified. This application is like ExcludeCopy except it removes the exclude entries. Details Flags -F ...
New article 18 Aug 2006
One of the building blocks of many modern applications is the Component Object Model (COM). COM allows for functionality to be shared between applications. Distributed COM (DCOM) has the same goals as COM but allows for the COM object to reside in another application or on a different ...
New download 03 Aug 2006
Jared Payne was surfing the support forums and noticed an extraordinary number of posters looking for an easy way to activate all their "ActivateOnStart" layers. So, being the customer-service kinda guy he is, Jared sat down and created not one, but two ways to solve the ...
New blog entry 18 Apr 2006
If fonts are a sore spot between you and virtualized applications, here's a cure from Jared Payne that should clear things up. A number of users have reported problem with fonts when using SVS. The reported problem causes applications like Outlook to not look and act properly. The only ...
New download 18 Apr 2006
New tool from Jared (the toolmaster) Payne. This one is designed to cure those funky font adnormalities you might be seeing in your virtualized applications. Details CopyFonts copies the registered fonts from the layer to the base. It is recommended that you use the GUID of ...
New idea 11 Apr 2006
It would be nice to have the ability to globally exclude a directory or file type from being captured, such as [DESKTOP] or .DOC files. This would act similar to data layer but instead letting the data fall to the base instead.
New blog entry 27 Mar 2006
Regular contributor Jared Payne pulled this list of study materials together for users just stepping into the new world of software virtualization. In the past three months or so, a number of good foundation articles have been written around the basic principals of SVS. Here's a list ...
New blog entry 20 Mar 2006
SVS keeps track of process IDs and uses that information to determine where file and registry changes should be stored -- (in a layer or in the base). Jared Payne explains the rules SVS uses to make these decisions. SVS keeps track of process IDs and uses that information to determine ...
New blog entry 13 Mar 2006
Jared Payne provides the step-by-step details on how to implement user-specific variables to protect data on multi-user machines. In pre-release versions of SVS, only one set of user variables existed for an SVS-enabled computer. Now, each user gets their own set of user variables. ...
New blog entry 08 Mar 2006
Jared Payne provides helpful details on the priority values assigned by Fslx.sys to shed some light on the Layer Prioritization section of the SVS White Paper. One of our readers wrote us that page 9 of the SVS white ...
New blog entry 28 Feb 2006
A feature in the SVS final release is the ability to configure SVS so certain applications running from the base cannot see virtualized applications. Jared Payne tells us how and when this is cool. The final release of Software Virtualization Solution (SVS) includes a feature called ...