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New forum discussion 08 Apr 2013
I have 4 Windows Server 2008R2 Domain Controllers with Backup Exec 2010R3. On all of them, I installed the Backup Exec with the System Logon User named BackukpAdmin who is a member of Administrators, Domain Admins, and Backup Operators. On all of them, when I go to add a job, they ...
New forum discussion 29 Aug 2012
I have a customer with Backup Exec Ver12. It is on a Windows-XP Pro computer. It has been running backups successfully with no changes for over 2 years. The computer is being used as a peer server with a shared folder. No one sits at it or uses it. Nothing is ever changed on it. The backup ...
New forum discussion 12 Jul 2012
We have 2 Server2008R2 servers, both acting as Active Directory Domain Controllers. We have the QuickStart Edition of BackupExec 2012 that came with the Dell RD1000 removable drive backup system on one of the servers. Will the QuickStart Edition backup the Active Directory domain information, ...
New forum discussion 21 Jun 2012
I have a new (less than 6 months old) Server 2008R2 that is running SEP12 SEPM for 25 computers. It does nothing else. It does no file sharing or anything else. I need to make it a domain controller so that I have a backup for our existing domain controller. While I see that Symantec ...
New forum discussion 11 May 2012
We are implementing Server 2008-R2 domain controllers at our main office and our 2 branch offices. The branch offices each have a fairly small 512kbs data line to the main office (No, we cannot increase this). This data line is already being used for our main application data. The domain ...
New forum discussion 21 Feb 2011
I am migrating from SAV10 to SEP11. In SAV10, I have 3 SAV servers (one at each location). Each one handles all of the Anti-Virus deployments and updates for that location. The 2 SAV servers in the branch locations then report to the main reporting server in the main office, where I can ...
New forum discussion 29 Jul 2008
To delete a job setup through Policies, I need to edit it in the "POLICY TASKS" pane in the Job Setup window. All of the other "Tasks" panes are there, but there is no "POLICY TASKS" pane, so what do I do. I see someone else on the forums has asked the exact same ...
New forum discussion 25 Jul 2008
I have a customer with SEP 11 client installed on his computers in unmanaged mode (Only has a few computers). The computers are set to run scheduled scans at normally unused times, but, due to the nature of the business, occasionall they need to use the computers at the time scheduled for the ...