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New forum discussion 03 Apr 2013
Hello - I just puchase a new dell with w7 and ms office 2013 and I'm put on SEP 12.1.2xx.  I've been running this SEP on my network just fine without errors.  With ms office 2013 it gives me a false/postive error and know and we are finding out from our clients we are ...
New forum discussion 31 Jan 2013
I'm about ready to do a migration with a old server 2003 to new server 2012 which means I also need to migration SEPM 12.1 over also.  Well I have not done this before and I'm not sure what I'm doing either.  So, I need guidance or HELP!!! Thank you!!
New forum discussion 07 May 2012
Hello, NetBackup sounds like it fit my company's network needs, is there a trial verision that I can try out? Thanks
New forum discussion 07 May 2012
Good Morning, I'm running Windows 2003 sp2 sbs with XP, and W7 combo network system.  I'm also using DHCP, and SEPM.  I've been trying to review a trial Bac Exce 2012 and I've ran into issues that it didn't like.  For example, I used the ...
New forum discussion 19 Apr 2012
Hello Everyone, I know this topic has come up before but I'm not finding the solution.  I'm running SEPM 12.1 and the SemSvc is taking a lot of CPU resources - How do you solve it? Thanks
New forum discussion 05 Jan 2012
I've upgrade SEP 11.xx awhile back and everybody on my network are using XP.  Everthing is working ok.  I've upgraded SEP 11.xx to SEP 12.1 and everybody is working ok again with XP.  Now I'm buying boxes that has W7 Pro and I'm able to loading up SEP 12.1 even ...
New forum discussion 19 Jul 2011
How does one delete a clent who is not on your domain anymore?  If I can delete that particular client I'll have additional use of my licenses.  Any ideas?
New forum discussion 23 Jun 2011
I've been reading other forums concerning SemSvc using alot of CPU. I'm using SBS R2 - 11.0.6200.754.  I read  particular one about the C:\Program Files\Symatec\Symatec Proction Manager\inbox\agetinfo and I have 32 files that folder.  How many files ...
New forum discussion 27 Aug 2010
I'm using Symantec Endpoint Procetion 11 and for the most part it's working pretty well.  Every once awhile somebody on the network will get a web-base malware.  Which causes me much grief.  A sales person from Symantec Hosted Services called me trying to sale ...
New forum discussion 10 Dec 2009
I'm for some info concerning upgrade to client machines.  I have SEP 11.0.1 on a windows server 2003 (32) and I need to upgrade 2 client machine with window 7 (64) is that possible?