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New forum discussion 30 Oct 2012
Hello All - Banging my head on this, but I'm sure its fairly simple - need some help on the out of the box installed software report (All Reports->Discovery and Inventory->Inventory->Cross Platform->Software/applications->Software->Installed Software) I ...
New forum discussion 20 Jul 2012
Can anyone help me out here - there is a canned report (installed software by computer report) - works great, but I want to exclude anything with the Name 'Hotfix%', 'Security Update%' etc. I cant seem to find the proper WHERE statment to put these ...
New forum discussion 19 Jun 2012
Hello All, I have a simple .csv file with 2 rows. Row one is computer name. Row 2 is NTID. I need to create an import rule to assign the NT ID as the computer's owner. I can't seem to figure where to map NTID to? - I tried the ownership data classes, but the import rule just ...
New forum discussion 09 Apr 2012
Hello all - hope someone could help I was able in the 6.0 version of Notification Server to tie vUser name to AC_Identification name in a SQL Query, in order to show the end users full Display Name, but Man am I lost in SMP 7.1. I've cloned the Installed software report in ...
New forum discussion 27 Feb 2012
Hey all Just Migrated to 7.1 from 6.0. I had created reports in 6.0 on "Count of Machines by Computer Model" - fairly simple report - it showed manufacturer, Model, and the count. Couble click would drill down to a list of machine names. I also added a ...
New forum discussion 03 Feb 2012
I know in NS 6x there was a role for Altiris Macintosh Administrators - but its not there in 7.1. Anyone set one up? - I can't seem to get the permissions I need Thanks
New forum discussion 13 Jul 2011
Hello all - looking for help here. We are on notification server 6.0 SP3 R13. I've created an AD import rule to import 6 security groups into or NS. Now I need to get a report to run against those security groups to fine computers associated to the users in those groups. Any ...
New forum discussion 17 Jun 2010
Hello - Has anyony been able to compile the Intel 82577LM driver for linux pre-boot version    Build=6.8.8397 (DS 6.8 SP2) I have read all the KB's on how to, but I have NO linux experience I appreciate any help.